Have you ever seen a mascot play drums? I bet you’d never expect one to be this awesome at it.

In Aomori Prefecture, located in Northern Japan, there lives a creature named Nyango Star, a drumming mascot. Its apple-shaped costume–apples being a product Aomori is famous for–seems pretty bulky, so it’s impressive that it can sit at a drum set at all.

This past weekend, a small crowd gathered at ROCK’N’AOMOROLL to witness the talent of Nyango Star. I don’t think anyone in the audience was prepared for what was to come.

▼ “It looks fancy on the outside, but it’s almost stupidly talented, hahaha.” @toruuuuuko


Here, we see Nyango Star playing X Japan‘s Kurenai. Besides being one of Japan’s most famous rock tunes, it’s also infamously difficult to play on the drums. That’s why many in the audience were shocked into laughter upon witnessing this apple cat’s technique.

Coincidentally, this Nyango Star performance coincided with Visual Japan Summit 2016, a three-day music festival in Tokyo that X Japan headlined all three days. Though Nyango Star couldn’t be there in person, it was definitely there in spirit!

▼ Here’s what the character had to say after his talent went viral:

I’m Nyango Star! Wo–ah!
If working hard at what I do can make people happy, then I’ll give it all I’ve got!
Please continue to support me!

▼ Here’s a full version of the Kurenai performance.

Nyango Star plays at events all over Aomori. If you’re interested in this rocking mascot’s upcoming gigs and activities, follow their Twitter account @NYANG_GO_STAR!

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Images: Twitter/@toruuuuuko, YouTube/Masanori Sugiyama