It snows a lot in Hokkaido. Like, a lot. No seriously, they have a hotel made out of ice and snow and just take a look at this poor Lawson convenience store that was devoured by snowfall.

So with all that snow around you can either grumble as you shovel your driveway for the third time that day, or you can make the best of it. One police officer in Hokkaido did just that, creating an amazing snow-sculpture of a Japanese police car right outside the station.

Here’s a photo of the masterpiece:

▼ No, that’s not a heavily-frosted police car. It’s actually made entirely out of snow and obsession.

The pictures were taken by Twitter user @Rex07elf at the police box outside the Toikanbetsu train station, located in the very northern part of Hokkaido. When he took the photos, the police officer who created the sculpture greeted him and said he was very proud of his work. Apparently it was even more realistic-looking a few days ago when he first built it.

▼ “Man you should’ve seen it yesterday. It was driving around just fine until the engine froze up.”

Of course the photographer wasn’t the only one who was impressed. Here are some comments Japanese netizens made when the pictures were posted on the messageboard Hamusoku:

“Oh my god. The quality is too good!”

“I guess there’s so little crime that they have the free time to make things like that.”

“You know, if they built those by the side of the road it’d make people slow down.”

“How did he put the colors on it? With spray paint?”

“Being a police officer was clearly not his true calling.”

“Is that a bucket on top of the car for the siren? What’s inside of it? It looks so real!”

“I can’t help but recognize the effort and skill, but still I have to say this: get back to work!”

While fighting crime and building snow-cars may not be the exact same thing, the police officer’s sculpture made a lot of people feel warm and fuzzy on the inside while it’s still freezing cold outside, and that’s pretty much just what the area blanketed by snow needs right now anyway.

Source: Hamusoku
Featured/insert images: Twitter