Japanese Police

We eat a meal to remember…at a Japanese police station in Fukuoka

Lunch and law enforcement make for a thrilling combination.

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64-year-old man arrested for stealing a roll of toilet paper from hospital toilet

Japanese authorities take a hardline approach to taking something that isn’t yours, no matter how insignificant it might seem.

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Boy threatens to stab school staff forcing elementary students to wear Giorgio Armani uniforms

Threatening to cut people up with a knife is not the best way to go about airing frustrations.

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Japanese youths anger police by sitting at kotatsu table at busy Kyoto intersection【Video】

Locals say it’s all part of a Kyoto University tradition.

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New study ranks the most notorious Japanese train stations for perverts

Voyeurs, flashers and “chikangropers are more likely to be found at these stations.

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Tokyo police force mascot Pipo-kun anthropomorphises into muscly man in new anime clip

The cute character bares his pecs in the fight against stranger danger, where children are told to remember the words “Squid Sushi” to protect them from harm.

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Low crime in Japan means police officers create ridiculous snow sculptures instead

It snows a lot in Hokkaido. Like, a lot. No seriously, they have a hotel made out of ice and snow and just take a look at this poor Lawson convenience store that was devoured by snowfall.

So with all that snow around you can either grumble as you shovel your driveway for the third time that day, or you can make the best of it. One police officer in Hokkaido did just that, creating an amazing snow-sculpture of a Japanese police car right outside the station.

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‘Power harrassment’ in Japan’s police force blamed for officer’s suicide

An investigation into the suicide of a police officer in a Tokyo police station has found that harassment from a superior contributed to his death. While the chief is now facing disciplinary action, it has again highlighted the problem of abuses of authority in Japanese workplaces, also known as ‘power harassment’, or pawahara in Japanese.

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Japanese police kendo: Not for the faint of heart

While kendo is an inherently violent sport–after all it’s basically the Japanese version of fencing–the general perception is that it’s more about calm, carefully-coordinated attacks than all-out aggression. In fact, kendo very strictly adheres to etiquette and respect, with competitors generally expected to act with the utmost sportsmanship.

Unless you happen to be a cop.

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