Last Monday in Japan was Coming of Age Day, the national holiday which celebrates everyone who’s reached the age of 20, and thus legal adulthood, during the past 12 months. 20 is also the drinking age in Japan, and while safeguards against minors getting boozed up are pretty lax in the country, many people decide to exercise their newly acquired legal right to get as tanked up as humanly possible, which probably had something to do with the childishly inconsiderate behavior and scuffles with the police that broke out during some of the festivities in Okinawa.

Not every part of Japan was marked with lawlessness that day, though. As a matter of fact, a coming of age ceremony in Chiba Prefecture featured a special appearance by Chibatman, who showed that he speaks Japanese in the same extra gravely voice heard in the English versions of his most recent movies.

The cosplaying Chiba resident made headlines around the world in August, when motorists spotted him riding his trike in full crime-fighting regalia on the Chiba expressway. Since then, he’s had the sort of conflicted relationship with the proper authorities that’s always characterized the Dark Knight’s career, receiving explicit police approval for his solo activates, but then being barred from the upcoming Chiba Citizen’s Marathon.

Chibatman seems to be back in the good graces of the powers that be, though, as he was invited to address the fresh-faced 20-year-olds assembled at Chiba City’s official Coming of Age Ceremony.

▼ Kimono with warm, furry collars are standard attire at Coming of Age Ceremonies. Capes and cowls? Not so much

▲ “Chibatman is here!”

The ordinarily taciturn Caped Crusader was even kind enough to say a few words, telling the crowd, “Ladies and gentlemen, seijin omedetou (congratulations on becoming legal adults).”

▼ Click the speaker icon in the top left of the video for sound.

▼ After delivering his message, the self-made superhero solemnly bowed to the audience.

Following his exit from the building, photographers and supervillains alike were respectful enough not to follow Chibatman as he sped off on his trike. So although witnesses report that he headed in the direction of a Chiba City suburb, the secret location of the Chibat Cave is still secure.

It must have been an unforgettable experience for everyone at the event. We bet reclusive billionaire Bruce Wayne is totally kicking himself right now for not making one of his rare trips outside of Wayne Manor to attend.

▼ Can you believe the poor guy missed this?

Sources: Saisoku Quest, Naver Matome