Add to your Starbucks cup collection with these new, adorable, black cat-motif mugs, tumblers, and bottles!

Something to look forward to all year round is not only Starbucks’ seasonal menu items but also their seasonal goods lineups. This year they’ve gone all out for Halloween with the Black Cats Get Magic collection and we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

Full of cute black cat and wispy ghost motifs, this collection is here to get you in the spirit for Halloween. Like all seasonal Starbucks goods, the line comes in a variety of cups, mugs, tumblers, and bottles, such as the Cat Stainless Bottle (4,100 yen [US$27.91]).

Black cats are embossed on the matte black body of this bottle, and even the Starbucks logo is in black and white. Plus, with a nonslip silicone band on the lid and a double-wall vacuum stainless steel body that’ll keep drinks both hot and cold, this bottle is useful as well as cute.

Also available is the Odd Eye Cat Stainless Tumbler (3,650 yen), which features the face of a cat with one pink eye and one blue eye printed over a matte black background. The purple lid over the double-wall vacuum stainless steel cup also gives it a very Halloween-y feel!

The Cat and Ghost Tumbler (2,150 yen) is for cold drinks only, but that won’t make you want to buy it any less. Its adorable print includes black, odd-colour-eyed cats and multicolored ghosts on a black background. Cute confetti-like designs also decorate the bottle for a fun Halloween look.

Similarly, the Cat Bottle (1,800 yen) can’t hold hot liquids, but it comes with a clear body printed with black cats and white jack-o-lantern faces, so you won’t mind. They’ll look super cool overlaid on some cold tea or iced coffee, and the black-and-white Starbucks logo will leave no one wondering where you got this awesome bottle from.

For the regular at-home coffee or tea drinker, there’s the Masked Cat Mug (2,150 yen). This mug features a black cat wearing a purple pumpkin mask. It’s big and round, holding 355 milliliters (12 ounces) of liquid, and is meant to look like the body of the cat. Just think of the handle as its tail!

A similar design is the Hoodie Cat Mug (21,50 yen), which is designed to look like a black cat wearing a purple hoodie. Its gold-painted facial features and crescent-shaped eyes add a nice Halloween touch. Paired together with the Masked Cat Mug, these would make a great gift–to another, of course, but also for yourself.

There’s also the Heat Resistant Cat Glass Mug (2,900 yen), which is made of translucent gray-black glass. The cat’s face is painted in black and gold, and its ears bubble out from the smooth surface of the mug, making them tactile and just slightly visible. It’s a very cool design.

For safely storing sugar during the Halloween season (or throughout the year, if you like), there’s the Hoodie Cat Canister (2,800 yen), but with the stem on top, it looks like it’s climbed into a purple jack-o-lantern. But this canister isn’t just cute; it’s functional, too, with a silicone band that secures and seals the lid to keep moisture and critters out.

The last of our favorite items from the collection is the Ghost Mug (2,150 yen), which is painted in a pretty gradient from ghostly white to pastel teal decorated with gray stars. The bottom of the cup is wavy like a human ghost costume, and its shocked “boo” face and little arms make it much cuter than it is scary.

The collection includes lots of other fun Halloween-themed items featuring ghosts and black cats, like a reusable straw set with a case (2,500 yen), a plastic reusable cup that changes color from black to orange (500 yen)…

…cat and ghost gift and message cards (700 yen each, applies to drinks up to 658 yen for takeout), a mini-cup gift kit (1,050 yen), and a Bearista stuffed toy in a ghost costume (4,000 yen).

Each of these items is now available in Starbucks cafes around Japan and online at the Starbucks Online Shop, but if you’ve been waiting for the Pumpkin Spice Latte or haven’t tried their new Yaki-Imo Brulee Frappuccino yet, you might as well go in person to pick them up so you can get a drink on the side, too!

Source, images: Starbucks Japan
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