Like all things Muji, minimalism and only having what’s necessary are key here.

Known for its straightforward, simple designs, Muji has transformed beyond a brand of minimalism to a veritable lifestyle. From sustainable snacks to even houses, it seems like the powerhouse of a retailer has goods covering any aspect of life, and so unsurprisingly, Muji has also recently relaunched its own line of disaster preparedness kits.

▼ Called “Itsumo Moshimo,” or literally “The Always If” in English, the kits come in undecorated, non-fussy packaging per standard Muji tradition.

In total, the retailer will be offering three kits, which differ in size depending on what specific Muji goods are included, and the goods themselves are all useful items to have in the case of an emergency.

The first and smallest kit, called the “Portable Set,” contains a small selection of goods and will be priced at 990 yen (US$9.01). This kit has bandages, a plastic pouch, anti-bacterial wipes, face masks, a special Itsu no Moshimo handkerchief, as well as an emergency contact guide. For the emergency contact guide, there are even instructions on how to contact local authorities, whether you’re using a smartphone or a payphone.

Next, the second kit is the “Take Out Set.” The Take Out Set includes all the items in the Portable Set as well as a space blanket, earplugs, a headlamp, and a crossbody satchel in which to store everything. Priced at 3,990 yen (US$36.30), this kit also comes in waterproof packaging and with a handle for easy grabbing in case you have to rush out of the house while evacuating.

Lastly, the third and biggest kit Muji offers is the “Furnish Set.” All items included in the Portable Set and the Take Out Set are available in this kit, and the Furnish Set will also have gloves, mini candles, emergency toilet bags, and towels. Compared to the two other kits, this one comes in a sturdy cardboard box instead. With 15 items total, the Furnish Set will be sold at the price of 5,490 yen (US$49.94).

In addition to the main three kits, Muji will also be separately selling an 11-pocket parka and the “Itsumo no Moshimo” collection’s special handkerchief. The parka is waterproof and designed to keep you warm in case you’re left without shelter after a disaster, and the handkerchief comes with a whimsical graphic depicting all the ways it can be used. They will be respectively sold at 6,990 yen (US$63.57) and 490 yen (US$4.46).

All kits and separately sold items can be found at your local Muji store in Japan. Furthermore, Muji will be jumpstarting a “Itsu no Moshimo” series where every month a new product will be released related to disaster preparedness, and you can learn more about it here. To end off, given how disasters differ depending on the region, disaster preparedness may look different for you, so be sure to consult with local authorities on appropriate measures as well as where to best evacuate to if the situation calls for it.

Source, images: PR Times, Muji
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