Live your childhood dreams with this life-size mini four-wheel drive car【Video】

As a child, playing with mini remote-control cars definitely made you the coolest kid on the block. You could drive over almost any surface, reach top speeds in a matter of seconds, and send your animals chasing after them (or perhaps the cars chased the pets?) much to the irritation of adults

Now, as “responsible” adults, we don’t get much of a chance to play with toy cars anymore, unless that toy car has been turned into a real, drivable, 1:1 scale car. This road machine modeled after the Aero Avante won’t be seen running around any toy tracks, as it drives on real roads at speeds over 100 miles per hour!

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We have a situation here! Plastic cat found in military model kit

Plastic modelers revel in the realism; they build their models and then painstakingly paint and alter them to look like the real thing in miniature scale. It takes a keen eye to blend just the right kinds of paint to achieve that dinged up metal look of a vehicle that’s been through real combat. And the right accessories will transform plastic toys into a scene of army veterans hard at work.

Model kits like to include little extras like shelves, tools and other related things you would expect to find. But sometimes the kits include an extra that seems so out-of-place that you call up the company to figure out if they made some sort of mistake. You’ll never guess what was included in this plastic model kit for a German ammo-loading crew from Tamiya. The answer is going to be meowtastic.

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A Mini Car You Can Ride On: My 7-year-old Self Rejoices!

When I was a kid, my dad’s 300 gallon fish tank overflowed and dumped a quarter of its contents onto my mother’s clean kitchen floor. Like any logical child would do, I stripped down buck naked and had a slip n slide party in the kitchen. It was awesome.

While insisting that my sister push me in a baby doll stroller, the dang thing snapped in half and I was rewarded with a metal rod scraping the length of my shin.  I still have a scar to prove it.
Having outgrown my white, teal, and bright pink roller blades (ah, the 90’s), I tried strapping the neighbor boy’s Playskool dump truck and school bus to my feet, attempting, in vain, to find a substitute.

Forever on a quest to find the newest and funnest (hey, Microsoft, funnest is a word!) mode of transportation, the seven-year-old in me wants to go out and do everything in her power to find this amazing mini car that a full grown adult can ride on!

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