Leading up to Valentine’s Day in Japan, there’s one thing that’s impossible to escape – and it’s not swarthy, rose-touting Lotharios. It’s chocolate. In pretty packaging and delicious displays, store counters come alive with the sweet stuff at this time of year, and one of the more luxurious and decadent types is the rich, creamy nama choco (fresh chocolates).

The only problem with this type of chocolate is the fact that it blends an already creamy chocolate with even more cream and butter, making it heavy on the calories. Net users in Japan, though, have discovered an unusual way to cut out the extra fat – by replacing it with tofu! Using just three ingredients, we’ll let you in on the latest diet tip from Japan and show you how to make delicious, creamy nama choco with only half the calories.

The three ingredients you need:

150g chocolate, 35g tofu, cocoa powder for dusting

You’ll also need baking paper, cling wrap, and a flat, shallow chocolate box.


Step 1

Prepare the mould for your chocolates by lining a flat, shallow dish or container with baking paper.

DSC09751Step 2

Break up the chocolate into small pieces and place into a small bowl.




Step 3 

Melt the chocolate in a microwave or by stirring atop a bowl of hot water. If using a microwave, be sure not to overheat it as it will become thick and difficult to use. We’re aiming for the smooth consistency below.


Step 4

Add the tofu to the mixture. We carve out a small corner from our large 350g block.



Step 5

Blend the two ingredients together until smooth. This can be done with a spatula or in a food processor for larger batches.




Step 5

Once all the lumps of tofu have disappeared and the mixture becomes a smooth paste, spoon it all into the mould. For a beautiful finish, make sure the top is flat and even. If the mixture becomes hard and difficult to work with at any stage, simply add heat to melt and soften it.



Step 6

Cover the mould with cling wrap and pop it in the fridge for at least two hours to set.


Step 7

Once set, use a sharp knife to cut the chocolate it into bite-size pieces. Cover with a coating of sifted cocoa powder and you’re done!




Now you have the option of displaying these on a pretty plate or packing them into a box for a professional-looking handmade present.





These taste absolutely delicious! The faint hint of tofu that comes through is refreshing and the texture is identical to the more calorie-laden versions in the shops. As with all nama chocolates, be sure to eat these as soon as they come out of the fridge and store in a cold place while they’re out as these will soften easily. Enjoy!

Source: Naver Matome
Photos © RocketNews24