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Tamago kake gohan (or TKG to the cool kids) is a wonderfully simple Japanese meal, made by beating an egg and then pouring it over cooked rice. And the staff in our Tokyo office are pretty big fans. Our writer Yoshio even goes so far as to say that eating tamago kake gohan is one of the little moments in life when he feels lucky to be Japanese.

So when we discovered this unconventional recipe for Ultimate TKG, we just knew we had to give it a try – and the results were even more ultimate than we imagined! Join us after the jump for a step-by-step guide. All you’ll need is a bowl of cooked rice, an egg, and a strong wrist.

1) First (unlike normal TKG, which requires the egg to be mixed together), we’re going to begin by separating the white from the yolk.


2) Next, pour the egg white onto your bowl of cooked rice, and mix it in like your life depends on it. This is the important bit! It should start to look like the whisked egg whites you make for meringues.


3) When the egg white and rice mixture is nice and frothy, slide the yolk on top.


That’s it! It’s ready to eat!

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Although the hot rice cooks the egg a little, it is supposed to be partly raw. In Japan, where it’s common to eat raw eggs, the best-before date on eggs actually refers to the last date they can safely be eaten uncooked. But regardless, you should always use the freshest eggs possible, and buy pasteurised eggs if you can.

You can eat Ultimate TKG by breaking the yolk with your chopsticks and eating it a little at a time with the rice. Yoshio likes to add a little soy sauce, too.

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▼ “Hey, this is really good!”

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Watch the whisking in action in this how-to video from our Tokyo office:

▼ There’s no English subs on this one, sorry – but we did just give you the whole recipe, so we reckon you’ll be ok.

And if raw egg isn’t your kind of thing, we guess you could always blitz this in the microwave for 10 to 20 seconds…actually, if raw egg really isn’t your kind of thing, congratulations on getting this far in the recipe! And hey, you could always make something else instead.

▼ Yoshio was taught the way of the Ultimate Tamago Kake Gohan by the wonderful staff at this ryokan (traditional Japanese inn). Now, we’ve passed it on to you!


Original article by Yoshio
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