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The newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, has begun principal photography in Australia, so the production team released its very first still from the set–something that is bound to fire up all the pirate fans and Johnny Depp fans around the world. A return of Captain Jack Sparrow is as exciting as, “yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum.”

After the cast and crew, the person most excited by the news is probably RocketNews24’s own Go Hatori, AKA Asian Johnny Depp! He’s back to toast the new movie with a costume and a special drink in the form of a human head analogue. Because… Well at least we kept him off the streets.

What sort of set photo is causing Pirates of the Caribbean fans to “release the Kraken”? Hold onto your pants, you’re about to get a taste of the Jerry Bruckheimer magic.

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It’s not much, but it’s enough for some hardcore fans like the Asian Johnny Depp, who stumbled into our offices this week with a DIY pirate concoction. It may be true that “dead men tell no tales”, but it’s especially true for this “dead guy” as he is just tomato juice, ham and olives!

For those who want to celebrate the movie news in the same exciting way, grab your see-through skull container and follow these simple instructions.

How to make ghoulish skull juice!

You’ll need:
– See-through skull container
– Ham
– 1 or 2 olives
– Tomato juice
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▼This transparent skull container is sold on Amazon!
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▼First, put tomato juice in the skull
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▼Then wrap the ham around it.
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▼Making it is quite fun!
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▼ And doesn’t it look gross?? We might have to make another one for Halloween!

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▼Put the olives in for the eyes.
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▼If you cut the olives in half, it’s easier to have eyes of the same size.
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▼It’s so real…ly gross. You might end up drinking the tomato juice, but you probably don’t want to eat that ham.
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With just the start of production exciting fans this much, who knows what grotesque things they will do when Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales finishes filming. I’m sure we will have something special at RocketNews24 too!

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If Asian Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow costume isn’t convincing enough for you, check out a few other pictures where Go channels his love for the real Johnny Depp.

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▼ Ummm…

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