Restaurant specializing in tamago kake men (TKM), raw egg over noodles, opens in central Tokyo

Does this lesser-known noodle variant of the quick-and-easy tamago kake gohan (TKG) have what it takes to become the next big thing?

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How to get a beef bowl breakfast in Japan for only 290 yen (some assembly required)

Hack the tamago kake!

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The best place to eat Japanese breakfast for US$2: Cheap food hack for locals and tourists

Sukiya is famous for its beef bowls, but not many people know about its great breakfasts.

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This fancy Shibuya hamburg shop is perfect for fans of Salisbury steak and…Ramen Jiro?

And their hamburgs are the juiciest you’ve ever seen!

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Eat 60 brands of eggs and a ton of rice for around 3 bucks at Tokyo’s egg festival

Taking “I love egg” to new levels.

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We found the prettiest TKG ever at a restaurant specializing in raw eggs on rice in Tokyo

It turns out there are ways to spruce up Japan’s simplest dish!

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Mr. Sato warms an egg in his armpit for a delicious Japanese dish【SoraKitchen】

This may be the easiest recipe we’ve ever attempted…and maybe the grossest too?

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Raw eggs may lead to heads as bald as eggs

One of Japan’s most beloved dishes is tamago kake gohan which is simply a bowl of rice topped with a raw egg and a splash of soy sauce. While the thought of consuming raw egg might be off-putting to some people, here a TKG is about as commonplace as a PB&J would be in America.

In fact raw egg is used as a garnish for many other dishes as well, which might make you wonder why everyone in Japan isn’t constantly kneeling over a high-tech toilet bowl. Actually the problem of bacteria has been licked quite some time ago, but now a new danger in raw egg consumption looms: it’s thought to cause hair loss.

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Ultimate TKG: We’ll never eat tamago kake gohan the old way again! 【Sora Kitchen】

Tamago kake gohan (or TKG to the cool kids) is a wonderfully simple Japanese meal, made by beating an egg and then pouring it over cooked rice. And the staff in our Tokyo office are pretty big fans. Our writer Yoshio even goes so far as to say that eating tamago kake gohan is one of the little moments in life when he feels lucky to be Japanese.

So when we discovered this unconventional recipe for Ultimate TKG, we just knew we had to give it a try – and the results were even more ultimate than we imagined! Join us after the jump for a step-by-step guide. All you’ll need is a bowl of cooked rice, an egg, and a strong wrist.

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