Recent snappy makeover may be just the thing it needs to attract more visitors.

Not only does Japan have some of the most gorgeous train stations that will leave you spellbound, some of them can be rather peculiarly designed, too.

Kamenoko Station is one such case, located in the small town of Misaki in Okayama Prefecture. Its name literally translates into “tortoise shell station”, a motif that architects clearly maintained by incorporating a large head onto the roof, effectively turning the entire building into an immense tortoise.

▼ Let this cute tortoise station brighten up your day.

▼ Hexagonal patterns on the roof serve as its shell,
while large round clocks make up its eyes…

▼ …which also light up at night like those of a mysterious benevolent creature.

▼ The tortoise head began poking out of the station in 1995 with a dull brown palette,
but acquired a fresh coat of paint in 2012 to attract more visitors.

▼ True to its name, the station also houses a few pet tortoises.

▼ And even the table found within is designed to look like a shell.

Aside from the reptilian station, the city of Misaki is also renowned for its tamago kake gohan, a simple Japanese dish comprising a raw egg cracked over a bed of hot rice. If you are planning to visit this area, be sure to check out the nearby food stores as some of them offer unlimited all-you-can-eat tamago kake gohan with miso soup and vegetables.

▼ At a little restaurant called Shokudo Kamecchi,
you can have all this for as little as 350 yen (US$3.22).

With a cool-looking station and lots of affordable food, those looking for a change in scenery ought to give this humble locale a visit. Now if the turtle train that can be easily outrun on foot could just pass through here, that would be absolute perfection.

Source: IT media
Featured image: Twitter/@fukusyou777