Japanese recipe

We try pickling a mysterious fruit gifted to us by a man in the mountains【SoraKitchen】

These delicious pickles are hard to obtain, but even harder to stop eating! Read More

Natto-infused ramen is a thing — we tried it, we love it【Taste test】

Made with Japan’s most expensive beans, this dish could sway even the biggest natto naysayers.

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How to make a shaved ice dessert out of instant noodles

Spoiler alert: We won’t be making this ever again. 

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How to cook rice in a Ziploc container【SoraKitchen】

Turn your Tupperware into a rice cooker with this simple cooking hack from Japan. 

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How to make epic umeboshi like a Japanese grandpa

92-year-old shares his recipe for making the best pickled plums. 

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How to make a “curry rice bowl” using instant oatmeal instead of rice 【SoraKitchen】

This is the next big thing to add to your breakfast rotation menu.

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Japanese YouTuber tests out homemade Water Cake three different ways【Video】

Find out which ingredient will give you the transparent treat you’re looking for.

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Nametake tuna rice: A delicious rice cooker recipe using just three ingredients【SoraKitchen】

Some of the best recipes in life are the simplest.

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How to make tonkotsu ramen at home 【SoraKitchen】

Easy recipe for delicious pork broth noodles with pro tips from a Japanese chef.

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Looking for a neat summer treat? Why not make some beautiful, edible jewels? 【Recipe】

When the perfect summer treats come to mind, most people probably think of frozen treats like ice cream or popsicles. These icy sweets are perfect for a hot sweltering day, but if you’re looking for something a bit different, perhaps something a little less melty that you can take with you without having to eat right away, why not try your hand at making these cool-looking Japanese amber sweets? They’re super simple to make, and only require a few ingredients.

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Ultimate TKG: We’ll never eat tamago kake gohan the old way again! 【Sora Kitchen】

Tamago kake gohan (or TKG to the cool kids) is a wonderfully simple Japanese meal, made by beating an egg and then pouring it over cooked rice. And the staff in our Tokyo office are pretty big fans. Our writer Yoshio even goes so far as to say that eating tamago kake gohan is one of the little moments in life when he feels lucky to be Japanese.

So when we discovered this unconventional recipe for Ultimate TKG, we just knew we had to give it a try – and the results were even more ultimate than we imagined! Join us after the jump for a step-by-step guide. All you’ll need is a bowl of cooked rice, an egg, and a strong wrist.

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Onigiri without the nigiri – Japan’s traditional rice balls get an update

Onigiri are rice balls, and they’re basically the Japanese version of sandwiches. They’re a fast, convenient snack that you can eat without getting your hands messy, and they’ve been a staple of Japanese lunches since medieval times. But now there’s a hip new version that’s trying to take over from the long-established practice of molding the rice by hand.

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Let’s try a Japanese Home Cooked Meal…in a Sandwich!

Have you ever had a bowl of rice and wondered what to eat with it? Have you ever had two slices of plain bread and wished for a new and exciting sandwich idea? Well, yearn no longer, folks! We have a quick and tasty 2-in-1 Japanese recipe that will see you through dinner and leave you with a delicious, packed sandwich lunch the next day!

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