street photography

Japanese “Fan of the Ground” finds sushi in an unusual location

Japan’s ground community is spellbound by a discovery at their feet.

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Fujifilm removes promotional video after it causes outrage【Video】

One commenter even said “How did this get approved?”

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You’ve never seen Tokyo’s nightscape quite like this【Photos】

These dark, yet beautiful images of Tokyo at night by Liam Wong are as stunning as they are surreal.

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Napping taxi drivers in Tokyo become the subject of UK photographer’s work【Photos】

Check out these drowsy drivers catching 40 winks during a typical day in Japan’s busiest city.

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Japanese photographer captures beauty of Tokyo after dark in atmospheric photo collection

Stroll through hidden alleyways filled with lights and lanterns in this beautiful homage to the night in Tokyo.

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Mini-sized Hong Kong? These photos by French photographer will make you look twice

Take a look at this picture. At first glance, it looks like a miniature diorama of a city street, with little cars, little street lights, little people… But it’s all so beautifully detailed, it can’t be just a replica right? What sorcery is this?!

Join us after the jump to see more of this amazing photography magic and cute miniature cityscapes by French artist Harold de Puymorin.

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Self-taught Chinese street photographer captures all the right moments on camera

Tao Liu has a knack for capturing split-second moments that reveal funny configurations or striking parallels, and embody the essence of the hectic and haphazard Chinese streets where he and countless others live and work.

His work has gone viral in China, and is now spreading across the world thanks to people sharing his images across the net. Street photography is about capturing poignant and fleeting points in time, which say something about the human condition, even if that something cannot be put into words, and Tao Liu’s photographs speak across languages and cultures.

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