Escargot Ice Cream
In the Kwun Tong district of Hong Kong stands a special ice cream factory. Though the summer treat may not be one of the first things that crosses your mind when you think of that busy region of China, the internet has latched on to this particular manufacturer like cats on cheeseburgers!

Why, you ask? For their truly original flavors of ice cream, most particularly the newest addition: snail ice cream!

The “Ice Cream Gallery” store has long been an entrepreneur in strange desserts. In the past, they came out with lobster, abalone, ham and melon, and even rose champagne flavors of ice cream, just to name a few. The manufacturer boasts a vast knowledge of different techniques, having dabbled in Italian, French, and Japanese-styles of the popular palate cleanser.

It took the chef over half a year to perfect both the taste and texture of his escargot ice cream. He worked hard to erase the bitterness and grassy after-taste from his high-quality snails. No, seriously. The ingredients used in the Hong Kong ice cream come directly from Burgundy, an area of France well-known for its snail harvest used in french cuisine! Besides the invertebrates themselves, the ice cream also has hints of herbs and rum liqueur to round out the flavor.

Those who have gone to this food producer and tried the odd treat have reported that it’s astoundingly escargot-like! Whether that is something you really want in ice cream is a different story, however. The price is also rather steep to satisfy simply curiosity, at almost 10,000 yen for 500ml (that’s about $100 in the US).

But if you find yourself in an adventurous mood while taking a tour in the bustling business center of Hong Kong, look up the factory at this address: Rm 816, Block A, Hoi Luen Ind. Centre, 55 Hoi Yuen Rd, Kwun Tong. Enjoy sampling this rare ice cream delicacy!

Source: Minkei News Hong Kong