Here’s a situation that I’m sure all of our readers can relate to. You’ve just finished a hard day’s work and sit down for a nice cold bottle of beer. You pop off the cap to release its sweet aroma.

However, just then you realize it’s actually 5:00am and you’ve completely lost track of the time and day. This happened because you’re a part of an elite team of scientists investigating a UFO crash deep in Antarctica where the sun never sets.

With only 90 minutes until the alien autopsy there’s no way you can properly enjoy the beer, but you can’t close the metal cap properly anymore without the drink losing precious carbonation. What a waste!

I believe it’s exactly these kinds of mishaps that the makers of the New Sizzler had in mind when they developed a bottle opener that’s also a bottle closer.

Our reporter Yoshio found an ad for the New Sizzler in an American cuisine magazine. The name might seem odd since it has nothing to do with steak and the packaging looks straight out of 1981. But as Yoshio soon discovered they call it “new” because as soon as you use it, it’s destined to become your new bottle opener.

The way it works is pretty simple. On one end is a conventional bottle opener that works as you’d expect.

Then suddenly, “Uh oh…I just remembered that public drunkenness hearing at 11:30. I only have time to finish half!”

Not a problem with the New Sizzler. The other end is a replacement cap that locks over the mouth of the bottle and keeps it tasting as fresh as when it was first opened. Just slip it on top and bend it to seal.

Then try to fit it somewhere in your fridge amongst all the other alcohol.

The next day, after they let you out of jail for contempt of court, you return to the fridge for that same beer. Just lift off the New Sizzler and “Ahhhh, it’s just as foamy as the day it was first opened.”

Pretty neat, eh? The New Sizzler only costs 400 yen (US$3.30) and would work on any glass bottle including colas and ginger ale, if you’re into that kind of stuff.

It’s a great buy and we encourage you all to try it…even you, turtleneck lady with the warm yet judgmental smirk!

“Oh, you.”

Original article by Yoshio
Photos & Video: RocketNews24
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