Never lose a bottle cap again with a Bottle Cap Cat!

From cat bunny-hats to cats that stay up with you all night, Japanese gacha capsule-toy companies have come up with some strange ways to satisfy the feline-loving community.

But now, perhaps their most bizarre idea yet recently hit the scene: cat bottle-cap stands.

Many of you are probably wondering the same thing as us when we first saw the picture above: just what are bottle cap stands? Apparently they’re for people who tend to lose things easily, in this case bottle caps after opening a bottle of water or soda.

You have to admit, it is a very creative idea. And for people like us who do tend to lose things regularly, it may come in handy one day!


The stands come in eight varieties, in the form of different types of cats. Some faces have tongues sticking out, while others have a more refined demeanor. All of them have rounded feet, hands, and backsides with surprisingly realistic colors! They almost look like the real thing… if you ignore that their faces look like they’re being squashed into a box.

Here’s the lineup with their Japanese names and English translations:

▼ Mikeneko (calico cat)

▼ Hachiware (black and white cat)

▼ Kuroneko (black cat)

▼ Chatora (orange tabby)

▼ Puchineko (petite cat)

▼ Chahachi (brown and white cat)

▼ Shironeko (white cat)

▼ Sabatora (silver tabby)

Bottle Cap Cats will be on sale in gacha capsule-toy vending machines for 300 yen (US$2.90) each starting April 27.

And if you’ve finished dressing up your office desk or home table with these weirdly cute cat stands and want to try instead to dress up your cat, may we suggest these Pokémon cosplay hoods. With one of each, you can give your desk and your cat a new look all at the same time!

Source, images: Qualia
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