We’ve come to terms with Seiji’s new obsession.

As we saw a few days ago, our reporter Seiji Nakazawa has resumed his compulsive habit of making faucets out of used plastic bottles and then drinking various things from it.

However, the actual definition of an addiction is a compulsive behavior which has a negative impact on a person’s life. If Seiji can just make his dependence become something that improved his life, then he figures he’d be in the clear.

So, he gathered a lot of bottles of Oronamin C, a long-selling carbonated beverage in Japan. It is sometimes thought of as a health drink but really it’s just like soda with a bunch of vitamins and amino acids crammed in for good measure.

It was just the thing for our middle-aged, sweet-toothed and health-conscious reporter to get himself into shape with. First, he got a two-liter plastic bottle and punched a two-to-three millimeter hole near the bottom.

Next, while keeping his finger on the hole, he poured bottle after bottle of Oronamin C into it.

Then, while still keeping his finger over the hole, he screwed on the cap and the faucet was complete. To turn it on, he simply needed to loosen the cap slightly, and to shut it off he just had to tighten it again.

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Now, Seiji could have all the vitaminny goodness of Oronamin C straight from the hole anytime he wanted.

How’s it taste Seij?

▼ “Genki Hatsuratsu!” (“Full of energy!” – popular slogan used in Oronamin ads)

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The Oronamin C also had an almost unearthly green glow to it, which Seiji assumed to be pure health radiating from all those molecules and corpuscles and whatnot floating around in it.

From a simple water conserving tip by the Tokyo Police to an unhealthy obsession, it looks like Seiji has finally found a comfortable niche with which to make fluids squirt out of a reused bottle at his command. So, you can be sure to expect more drinking tips – each one exactly the same as the one before it – for quite some time.

Because he is never going to stop… We see that now.

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