One of Japanese most popular TV personalities is Rola, a fashion model of mixed Bengali, Japanese, and Russian descent. If you live in Japan you’ve undoubtedly seen her on TV or billboard advertisements numerous times. But who knew she was also harboring delicious and easy recipes?

Not only are they stylish looking but Rola’s Apple Fried in Coconut Oil and Avocado Scrambled Egg Toast and surprisingly simple to make…so we did. But can we really trust a model when it comes to delectable home cooking?

■ Apple Fried in Coconut Oil

The Apple Fried in Coconut Oil was first brought up when Rola was a guest on Japan’s premier idol-group-hosted show SMAP X SMAP. After its revelation it became something of a hit around Japan.

Our reporter Meg heard it was easy but still came out surprised by just how easy this dish is to make. All you do is heat a pan up with some coconut oil and then fry some apple slices for about two and a half minutes. After that, add some honey, nuts, and cinnamon on top, and you’re done!

▼ Actually “honey-pickled nuts” were recommended but those might be hard to come by depending on your area.

Meg thought that the combination of apple, coconut, honey, nuts, and cinnamon couldn’t have been better. She had tried similar recipes with olive oil and butter but they didn’t come close to the flavor enhancement of the coconut oil.

She thought it tasted like an exquisite gourmet apple pie like you might find in a fancy restaurant, but it didn’t even take 10 minutes to put together. With the blending of the mellow coconut and acidic apple, Meg was convinced that this was a pinnacle of deliciousness.

■ Avocado Scrambled Egg Toast

After the apples, Meg was already a confirmed disciple of Rola and her cooking, but she still had to try the Avocado Scrambled Egg Toast. Actually she couldn’t find any detailed explanation on how to make it, so she just pieced it together from information on the model’s many social networks.

First she fried some scrambled eggs in coconut oil. Again the coconut oil gave her eggs a flavor boost and let it mingle quite well with the avocado. After laying out the avocado on a piece of toast, she covered it with the coconut fried eggs. Then she topped it all off with some soy mayonnaise and truffle salt.

The resulting taste was deeply rich and felt filling despite its size. It wasn’t quite as amazing as the apples, but Meg was far from disappointed. She felt that if Rola was ever to release a recipe book, she wouldn’t hesitate to buy it.

These recipes might not actually be so easy since many of us probably don’t have coconut oil, soy mayonnaise, and truffle salt all at our immediately disposal. In the end you might have to spend a bit for some of these exotic seasonings but it’s worth it for the simplicity and taste of these items. Besides, healthy eating like this is the foundation of model-caliber good looks.

Just ask Mr. Sato.

Source: Rola Official Blog、Instagram @rolaofficial、Twitter @RolaWorLD
Original article by Meg Sawai

▼ As seen on Rola’s Instagram

▼ Here’s everything you’ll need

▼ Slice the apple

▼ Heat some coconut oil on a frying pan

▼ Brown the apples (about two and a half minutes)

▼ Add honey, nuts, and cinnamon

▼ Voila!

▼ Avocado Scrambled Egg Toast is also on Rola’s Instagram

▼ And here’s Meg’s

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