You may have noticed that Japanese product packaging tends to be completely covered with text in a variety of fonts and styles. If you’ve ever taken the time to read any of it, you’ve probably realised that quite a bit of it seems to be particularly chatty, going beyond the usual product description in order to occasionally impart some philosophical wisdom or advice.

Some companies even go as far as to include hidden messages to communicate directly with the consumer. Check out this gallery of some of the best.

The hidden messages started showing up on Twitter when eagle-eyed consumers took a good look at the thing they’d just bought and noticed something that seemed to be speaking to them directly.

As you can see, this message is usually hidden by a fold in this juice carton when in its usual, standing state. It’s only once the box has been flattened out (something you’re supposed to do prior to recycling) that the message, たたんでくれてありがとう (thank you for flattening [me]), is revealed! Cute.

The message under the fold on this carton of cherry blossom-flavoured soymilk reads “We hope the cherry blossom blooms for everyone”. How sweet!

This carton of carrot and mango juice reads “Thanks for twisting me up” underneath its fold.

This milk carton meanwhile is a bit more straightforward, simply saying “Thank you for recycling!”

But there’s more than just juice cartons. Twitter users have been finding hidden messages all over the place! Take this bowl of ramen. Once enough of the broth has been drunk, a hidden message reveals itself – “We’ll be waiting for you again tomorrow”. Perhaps there wasn’t enough room for them to add “Hint, hint” onto that message…

A hidden message has also revealed itself on the bottom of Forever 21’s plastic bags. It’s actually a bible verse – John 3.16-18: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.” We’re not sure what that has to do with affordable fashion, though…

Here’s a toilet paper roll that reads “Thank you for your custom!”

And this box of snacks says “Please, go ahead and enjoy me.”

Once you’re out of snacks, you can pull out the foil bag to find another hidden message – “Unwind with me again any time you like.”

This yogurt lid says “I hope you have an enjoyable day!”

And this one says “Go for it!” in both English and Japanese.

Have you ever found a hidden message written on a product you bought?

Source: Naver MatomeGamme
Main Image: Flickr © Adam Fletcher