Necessity is the mother of inventions… and we need these!

Japan already has plenty of strange household items, but that doesn’t stop them from coming up with even more ideas that blow our minds.

And one such source of new hypothetical products is the Japanese Twitter account GOES idea note. They’ve posted dozens of realistic-looking innovations, ranging from awe-inspiring and awesome to downright bizarre… but still cool enough that we’d love it if they actually existed.

Here’s just a small selection of some of our favorites:

▼ Paper lantern walk/stop signals. These would be awesome in some of
the more traditional cities of Japan, like Kyoto and Nara.

▼ This gun-shaped battery charger will make you feel real tough
every time you slide in some cells in need of a recharge.

▼ “Sticky” rice memo pads that have the rice topping
change each time – tsukemono pickles, plum, seaweed, and more.

▼ Safety-pin-shaped push pins, so you can get that
punk look on your poster just by hanging it up.

▼ One of the most brilliant innovations they’ve come up
with yet that would’ve saved me a lot of hurt fingernails.

▼ Eraser sleeves that we may finally not just
throw out right away because they look so cool.

▼ Another favorite – a clock that looks like a Japanese license plate.

▼ This one is a little less elegant than the others but still gets the job done – if people don’t stop for cones, then they’ll hopefully stop for cats!

▼ What better way to scare away solicitors than by having your doorbell hidden inside your own Mouth of Truth. That’s one way never to have to deal with the NHK guy.

▼ And of course, a bacon fan. And if it’s made of actual bacon that we can cook over a flame when we’re done fanning ourselves, all the better.

If you want to see more of GOES idea note’s innovations, then be sure to check them out on Twitter. We’ve only scratched the surface of their inventive prowess.

And if cool yet mostly useless inventions are your thing, then we’ve got good news for you, because Japan has 23 more crazy products that actually exist.

Source: Twitter/@goes54667752 via Design taxi
Featured image: Twitter/@goes54667752