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Everyone is trying to get in great shape for the summer season and everywhere you look there is a new exercise or diet craze that guarantees quick and easy weight loss in only a month. Most of these are too good to be true, but some of them might just work for you! Introducing the “Chef Lawson Diet,” which involves eating only at the Lawson convenience store for an entire month. Actual user testimony guarantees* you will lose five kilograms (11 pounds) in just one month!

* On second thought, RocketNews24 doesn’t actually guarantee anything.

In this day and age, with so much variety at Japanese convenience stores, you often hear people say, “Eating convenience store meals every day is really bad for your health! You’re going to get fat!” However, our writer, Rise Up Shinomiya, has successfully lost five kilograms in one month after only eating food he bought from Lawson. His attempt to lose some weight didn’t get in the way of his love for Lawson. If you are wondering how this is possible, never fear, we’ve got the exclusive details right here. Let’s see what sort of strategy Shinomiya employed on his Lawson diet.

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Shinomiya started off by buying white meat chicken and salad mix from Lawson. Using the idea of low-sugar and low-carb foods, he built a daily menu that adhered to this strict strategy. It’s pretty similar to the “low-carb diet” fad, but it was implemented using foods you can purchase at your local Lawson.

Familiar with the idea that eating the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner is a recipe for disaster, he supplemented his menu with some low-sugar bran bread and the occasional karaage-kun (Lawson’s chicken nuggets) in order to keep his carbohydrate cravings at bay. Shinomiya also planned for snacks, but kept to low-calorie, low-sugar snacks like atarime (dried squid), beef jerky and shishamo (dried fish).

So, are you ready to see what it takes to lose weight on the Lawson diet?

Morning: Low-fat milk, white meat chicken, salad mix

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Lunch: Black tea, bran bread, karaage-kun chicken nuggets, salt-boiled cold edamame (soybeans)

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Snack: Atarime, shishamo

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Dinner: Oolong tea, egg drop soup with vermicelli noodles, smoked cow tongue, zero-calorie jelly.

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With this menu you won’t find yourself going hungry any time soon. Shinomiya found all the meals to be quite satisfying and didn’t feel the need to falter from his menu during the diet. You also might be wondering if he supplemented his diet with any vigorous exercise, but besides some light sit ups and weight training, there was no additional exercise.

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Shinomiya said that preparing a low-calorie diet when you live alone can be quite difficult, so he wanted to see if you could create a full menu using items that are already prepared for you at the convenience store. If you add a bit of weight training to help tone up your body, you really can lose weight on a Lawson Diet! If you aren’t satisfied with this Lawson menu you can try making your own diet meal plan at your favorite convenience store, just remember these helpful hints.

1. Combine and eat low-calorie and low-sugar foods.
(Note: If you don’t know the dietary contents, refer to the ingredients chart on the back of the package.
2. If you think it’s too difficult to resist all of your cravings, it’s OK to eat foods like bran bread, karaage-kun or other low-calorie foods that satisfy you!
3. Doing light weight training also helps improve your figure.

And there it is! Not everyone is going to get super results like Shinomiya did, but isn’t it a good dieting method that even the busiest person can do easily?* If you decide to try it out, let us know how you do in the comments!

*Please consult your doctor or a physician before attempting any sort of convenience store diet.

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