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Last week, we took a look at a set of fluffy Sailor Moon pajamas. But no matter how comfortable they may look, eventually you’re going to run out of food, manga, or some other class of household essentials and need to leave your home. But when you do, you can still keep the theme going with these Sailor Moon-themed tote bags to carry your supplies home in, plus sailor suit-style pouches and T-shirts.

Most of the time, the offerings of online store Premium Bandai feature premium pricing, but its new line of Sailor Moon tote bags is actually pretty affordable.

▼ Sailor Moon herself is represented twice, with both a Transformation Brooch (left) and Crystal Star Compact version (right)

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The all-cotton totes are priced at 3,024 yen (US$25), making for a reasonable substitute for plastic bags on your grocery run if the way the Sailor Senshi protect humanity from evil has you looking to protect the environment.

▼ Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars bags

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▼ Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus

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Looking even more like the magical girls’ battle uniforms are these 2,592-yen zip-close sailor suit pouches, which you can slip around your neck and are just big enough to hold your smartphone and another key item or two.

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▼ Once again, there are two versions for the titular heroine.

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And finally, if you’re unable to summon a magically appearing set of clothes no matter how many times you shout “Moon prism power-make up!” you might want to slip on one of these 3,240-yen sailor suit T-shirts.

▼ Premium Bandai doubles down on the lead character one more time.

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▼ The back of the shirts feature the Sailor Moon Crystal logo.

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Surprisingly, the T-shirts can be ordered in either women’s or men’s size medium (with the men’s being larger overall). While they’re priced identically, the material of the women’s shirt is listed as a 50-50 cotton polyester blend, while the men’s is 100-percent cotton.

▼ Maybe they figure any male Sailor Moon fan loyal enough to wear such a girlish design deserves to be rewarded with a little extra comfort.

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All three items can be ordered through the Premium Bandai website (bags here, pouches here, and shirts here), with shipping scheduled for July.

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