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This is hands down (or up, in this case), the most fun you can have at a games arcade in Japan.

The maimai music game cabinet by entertainment giant Sega may look like a front-loading washing machine, but rest assured it is actually way more entertaining. In a game that’s a cross between a whack-a-mole and Dance Dance Revolution, players follow a sequence of hand movements in time with a frantic beat.

Some, however, do it better than others…

See if you can get a HANDLE on this. It’s rather hypnotising.

Clearly, it’s game best played in numbers…

The gloves that these pros are wearing are neither a fashion statement nor a tribute to MJ, by the way – they provide greater accuracy, as well as being much more hygienic. Consider that a handy tip from those in the know!

maimai game

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Source: Niconico h/t Kotaku US
Screenshots via Niconico