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You don’t have to look far these days to find something related to Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and her Sailor Scouts. It’s so popular that you can find just about any kind of merchandise you could ever want.

Despite the ubiquitous image of the Sailor Scouts, one photographer snapped what he thinks is the true representation of Sailor Moon, but his shot is causing an uproar on the Internet.

▼ Sailer + the moon >> Sailor Sailer Moon

sail moon

Get it? Yeah, it’s a pretty amusing play on words, we agree, and so do most netizens, but that’s not the problem. The problem is the picture itself. 

The picture was originally posted on Reddit by user Psy_phi. The big debate surrounds whether or not the picture is Photoshopped. Some say:

“Everything on the Internet is a lie…A beautiful lie.”

“It is not real because the phase of the moon would make this impossible. The side of the moon which is supposed to be lighted should be aimed downwards (towards the sun).”

“I think it’s a fake because both the levels are too sharp. If the photographer focused on the moon, the boat shouldn’t be so sharp. However since we don’t know the lens, we can’t be sure.”

But then there are believers:

“If it was ‘shopped, they would have put the moon on the correct side of the boat.”

“You could pull something like this off with a telephoto lens. You’d have to be really far away from the boat to make the moon look that big.”

The debate goes on and on, but we’re not experts in photography, astronomy or sailing, so we’ll leave it to the commenters to fight this one out. We’ll just stick to really enjoying the artist’s punny humor. Sailer Moon… har har har.

Source: Reddit via Labaq
Feature Image: Imgur,  Deviant Art (SayurixSama) (Edited by RocketNews24)
Image: Imgur