Get ready to settle the Case of Your Grumbling Stomach with a spread of character-themed dishes and drinks!

Live in Japan long enough and you’ll start to recognize the local cycle of animated icons popping up at the theater: Shin-chan, Anpanman and Doraemon get a regular cinematic spotlight, as does mystery-busting mini detective Conan Edogawa — whose real identity is high-schooler Shinichi Kudo, transformed medically into a tiny tot.

Conan’s latest film adventure, Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet, hits theaters across Japan on April 17, 2020, and like before, the movie’s release will be celebrated with the arrival of twelve separate collaborative cafés across nine cities. The theme is “a house party at Professor Agasa’s place”, and tie-in art features the cast wearing classy gingham check prints.

▼ The goods have a cute but classy vibe, with gentle colors and breezy spring outfits.

But let’s get right to the heart of the matter: what’s the food like?

That actually depends on which of the cafés you visit, as the menu varies across locations. Thankfully, the most tantalizing and dangerous of the dishes, a beef curry styled after APTX 4869 (the drug that shrunk Conan in the first chapter), is available in all cafés. Subaru Okiya’s Shareable Basket is another staple, as is Tooru Amuro’s Special Café Poirot Basket.

▼ The APTX 4869 beef curry (1,490 yen, US$13.57), plus an APTX 4869 Yangnyeom chicken and fruit sandwich combo (same price, limited availability).

Kokura’s “Delicious enough to die for!” Ramen set (1,790 yen), Subaru and Amuro’s Baskets (1,990 yen each), and Shuichi Akai’s bottled berry tea (1,690 yen).

One of the cutest items is attributed to Professor Agasa himself: The “Failure…” Pancakes, which cost 1,390 yen. Despite their title and crispy brown topping, rest assured: they’re delicious and cooked to perfection!

Due to Conan’s enduring popularity, you’ll need to reserve a spot at your café of choice well in advance. Reservations for the general public open on the café website on February 26 at 10:00 a.m. Without a reservation, you may miss your chance to grab a belly full of tasty Conan grub and various adorable exclusive tie-in goods.

Conan’s “Voice Changing Bow-Tie” Blue Cream Soda (890 yen).

It’s worth checking the website to see which of the fun exclusive dishes your nearest café will have in stock. Keep in mind that several cafés will feature special limited dishes to celebrate the movie launch, as well as protagonist Shuichi Kudo’s birthday throughout the week of May 4th.

Tooru Amuro’s Cream Soda (1,090 yen) comes with one of three random keychains.

As an added bonus, guests to the café will get to take home one of two place mats, while those who reserve in advance will receive one of 24 random stickers. Ordering a drink also nets you one of 24 random character coasters.

As Conan himself says, there is only one truth. And that truth is, this café is something no Conan fan worth their salt will want to miss!

Locations and Dates for Detective Conan 2020 Café:

  • Shibuya: Shibuya Box Café & Space, Shibuya Loft, 2nd floor (3/25-6/30)
  • Abeno, Osaka: Abeno Contact, Abeno Q’s Mall, 4th floor (3/25-6/1)
  • Umeda, Osaka: Bar Delsole, Osaka Station City, 5th floor Toki Plaza (3/27-6/30)
  • Oshiage, Tokyo: Tokyo Box Café & Space Tokyo Solamachi Branch (3/28-6/30)
  • Chiba City: Character Café, Sogo Chiba Branch, Junnu Hall, 1st fl (3/28-6/30)
  • Hiroshima City: Trattoria Caccinu, Sogo Hiroshima Branch, Main Hall, 10th fl (3/31-6/30)
  • Fukuoka City: Kawara Café & Dining Kitte Hakata Branch, Kitte Hakata, 9th fl (4/1-6/14)
  • Koshigaya, Saitama: Box Café & Space, Aeon Lake Town Kaze, Lake Town Gate (4/2-6/30)
  • Nagoya: The Guest Café & Diner, Nagoya Parco, West Hall, 8th fl (4/2-5/31)
  • Ikebukuro: The Guest Café & Diner, Ikebukuro Parco, Main Hall, 7th fl (4/3-5/31)
  • Sapporo, Hokkaido: Coach and Four Shinkawa Road Café Interlude (4/4-6/30)
  • Naha, Okinawa: Okinawa Box Café & Space, Naha OPA, 2nd fl (4/4-6/30)

Reservations open from February 26 10:00 a.m. at the official website.

Source, images: PR Times, Detective Conan Café 2020
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