Have you ever wished you could stick to your long-lost New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, kick those bad habits and take better care of your mental and physical health? Well, June might be the time to turn things around because Pikachu is here to help kick you into shape!

Whether it’s getting your eight glasses of water a day or downing that bright green shot of spirulina, this special series of Pikachus will cling to the side of your cup and keep you company while you stay healthy and hydrated this summer.

With six different poses available, we’ve been lucky enough to catch ’em before their official release in Japan. Come with us as we take a very special sneak peek at the coveted little critters after the break.

The new Pikachu lineup is the result of a clever collaboration with Kitan Club, the company responsible for the hugely popular Coppu no Fuchiko (Fuchiko on the edge of the cup) office lady cup cling series. Available from gachapon capsule machines around the country at the end of June, it’s time to start saving those yennies because at 300 yen (US$2.42) each, you’ll wanna catch ’em all!

Here we have the Daraan Pikachu, who’s so tired from releasing electricity beams he can’t sit upright. Poor li’l guy – we’ll have to keep our energy levels up for you!


He may look limp and lifeless but turning him over shows he’s smiling through the pain


▼ And now Utouto (lit. dozing) Pikachu. There’s nothing like the pleasant smile of a dozing Pikachu to ease your body, mind and soul.



Butsukari (collision) Pikachu is hanging on with the strength of an iron tail. While it’s unfortunate that he’s collided with the side of the glass, the inverted, circular shape it’s left him in is adorably hilarious. If you can hang in there buddy, we can too!



▼ Just add water for extra cuteness!


▼ Monster Balls and Pikachu. He’d rather balance two Pokeballs on his head and teeter on the edge of a beverage than be forced to get inside!


If lady luck smiles upon you at the Gacha machine, you might find yourself with a totally different design to the ones above. That’s because there’s a special, secret Pikachu whose image they’re not revealing to the public.

Image: Kitan Club

▼ Pika pika pika pika Pikachu!


▼ And when you’re not thirsty, these guys are ready to hang out with you wherever you go.


▼ We’ve picked out our favourite already. Which one was yours?


Source: Kitan Club
Photos © RocketNews24