You don’t have to be a man to dress like a cool samurai warrior this season.

Over the years, we’ve fallen in love with the amazing samurai-inspired designs from Japanese fashion brand Trove. Their Wa Robe line of clothing, which combines traditional Japanese styles with a relaxed, robe-like feel, has been a favourite choice for contemporary male warriors throughout the seasons, but now the company has announced they’ll be catering to female fans of the collection as well, with their first-ever unisex range.

The new spring lineup takes genderless fashion to new levels, with shirts, coats and skirt-like hakama pants in a variety of men’s and women’s sizes. Starting things off is a three-buttoned white Jiji T-shirt for 9,720 yen (US$91.95), featuring a U-neck, drop sleeves and extra length to capture the effortless cool of a confident samurai.

▼ The shirt can be paired with a number of items in the collection, like these Black Hakama pants (24,840 yen).

For those who prefer to add some colour to their outfit, there’s the indigo Naga Koikuchi shirt for 19,440 yen.

The indigo colour scheme continues with the Hanten Asyu (21,600 yen), which is modelled on the traditional short winter coats first worn by commoners during the Edo Period (1603-1868). This spring style incorporates the same boxy hanten shape but does away with the thick winter padding usually associated with the garment.

Completing the outfit is the indigo Hakama Andon (24,840 yen), a skirt-like pant that’s so popular it’s already sold out online.

All the garments in the collection have been produced with both sexes in mind, with models for the outfits showing just how versatile the items in the collection can be.

▼ The hanten and hakama can be styled in different ways to achieve a variety of looks.

Rounding off the range is the Black Haori (27,000 yen), which creates a voluminous silhouette without using any extra layers or padding.

Made from a finely woven quick-drying linen-and-ployester blend, the jacket comes with a tasuki sash to hold up the sleeves of the garment so you can look and feel cool during the warm months of spring.

All the styles in the collection, excluding the indigo hakama pants, can be pre-ordered from Trove’s online store. With new releases revealed each season, Trove is a local brand worth keeping an eye on, especially if you want to add a unique Japanese-style Star Wars jacket to your collection!

Source: Trove via Japaaan
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