At my old job, my coworkers and I shared bathrooms with a half-dozen or so other companies that had offices in our building. For the most part, the men’s room stayed relatively clean, but about once a week, I’d walk into one of the stalls and find a pile of cigarette ashes on the floor.

Frankly, it was disgusting and exasperating, especially since the building had a smoking lounge. But hey, I guess the perpetrator who couldn’t resist the self-pleasing siren song of simultaneously taking a puff and a dump didn’t see what the big deal was. Here with a handy explanation, though, is some surprisingly wise Japanese bathroom graffiti.

Twitter user Kefi recently shared a snapshot taken in a men’s room somewhere in Japan.

The posted sign clearly states that not only is smoking prohibited, but use of lighters as well. The rules written in multiple languages, and the sign’s symbols leave no room at all for misunderstanding.

Apparently, though, a smoker had been habitually ignoring the sign, and someone else who had to share the bathroom had become frustrated enough that he added his own message, scribbling the upper of the two lines written on the wall, Toire de tabako sun ja nee yo.

Which translates as:

“Don’t smoke in the damned bathroom!”

Again, this should be a matter of common sense, not to mention one of common courtesy. Still, the sad truth is that some people are pretty lacking in both, so to really hammer home the point, someone later added the second line, Kitsuenjo de unko sun zo, or, in English:

“If you do, I’ll drop a deuce in the damned smoking lounge!”

Honestly, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Remember, part of being an adult is keeping in mind the appropriate place for your actions, and smoking should be done in the smoking room. The bathroom, meanwhile, is the place for pooping, and also peeing very carefully.

Source: Twicolle
Top image: Pakutaso