Unko Museum will display Japan’s newest cute crap.

Since its opening in 2019, Japan’s Unko Museum (which is now located in Tokyo) has welcomes visitors to its artistically entertaining world of unko, or poo. As anyone who’s ever eaten and digested something knows, though, with the passage of time new poo is produced, and that’s exactly what’s happening this month as the Unko Museum debuts a new exhibit of poo animals.

No, not animal poo. The stars of the exhibit are the Unko Doubutsu, literally “Poo Animals,” cute (?) little sentient turd swirls covered in soft fur with expressive tails and fashionable colorings.

The facility describes the Unko Doubutsu as “a new form of life that was born inside the Unko Museum.” According to their backstory, they’ve actually been around for the whole time the museum has been in existence, but it’s only now that we’re able to see them with the naked eye as a result of “humans’ poo level increasing over the past three years.”

The Unko Museum will be displaying 12 specimens in an environment where they wave their tails, purr and call to one another, and even apparently get into squabbles. Obviously, nothing would be more embarrassing to show up at the museum only to be exposed as a poo philistine, so let’s take a moment to familiarize ourselves with the species in this new branch of taxonomy before visiting the exhibit.

▼ You’ll notice that Unko Doubutsu always have a body made up of three swirls. Any more, or less, and you’re just looking at an ordinary pile of pastel poop with hair stuck to it.

Shibawan Unko (related to the Shiba Inu), represented by Kotaro (こたろう) and Wasabi (わさび)
Mikenya Unko (calico cat): Melon (めろん) and Ichigo (いちご)
● Konkon Unko (fox): Udon (うどん) and Komugi (こむぎ)
Kinobori Unko (squirrel): Riko (りこ)
Shiro Unko (a snow-region Unko Doubutsu, perhaps related to the polar bear): Omochi (おもち)
Perunya Unko (Persian cat): Jenny (ジェニー)
Bluenta Unko (a mysterious marine Unko Doubutsu, possibly related to jellyfish): Ramune (らむね)
Arai Unko (racoon): Shimappo (しまっぽ)
Tategami Unko (lion): King (キング)

The Museum says that Unko Doubtsu love to be gently patted, and that they also like the bright lights of camera flashes, so visitors can feel free to snap away and share their pictures on social media. You’ll also have the opportunity to eat some Poo Animals in marshmallow form, or to keep a swirl close to your keys at all times, thanks to the Unko Doubutsu items available in the museum’s gift shop.

The Unko Doubutsu exhibit debuts on June 16. Hopefully Tokyo’s dog turd mascot character, Soft Kuriinu, will be able to stop by.

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Source: PR Times via IT Media, Unko Museum
Top image: Unko Museum
Insert images: PR Times, Unko Museum
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