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A while back, we took a look at a replica of Sailor Moon’s Transformation Brooch which held cosmetic powder formulated to give you the look of anime-like perfectly unblemished skin. Die-hard fans, however, know that the brooch breaks shortly after the end of the anime’s first major story arc.

Early in Sailor Moon R the brooch is upgraded to the Crystal Star Compact, and if you’re looking to keep pace with Sailor Moon herself, now you can order a faithful recreation of her second transformation item that’s also filled with facial powder.

Cosmetics maker Creer Beaute is once again behind the powder itself, which it promises will leave your skin soft, moist, and luminous.

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Flip open the cover, and you’ll find the included powder puff, sitting atop a cover sheet patterned like the Illusionary Silver Crystal which was fused with the Transformation Brooch in forming the Crystal Star Compact.

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Attached to the inside edge of the lid is a glass mirror, surrounded by a star and moon pattern taken from the design of the item as seen in the anime.

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Creer Beaute’s video for the product shows that the compact fits easily in the palm of your hand, and also boasts that it’ll have your skin looking breathtaking as you get close, closer, and even closer still to your personal Tuxedo Mask.

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The Crystal Star Compact will also be available at select stores including Animate and the Harajuku branch of Kiddy Land in Tokyo, and can also be ordered here through the Premium Bandai online store for 4,536 yen (US$36).

Source: Premium Bandai
Top image: Premium Bandai
Insert images: Premium Bandai, YouTube/CreerBeaute