Japan, thanks to its obsession with limited-edition and seasonal foods, has come to be known for its unusual drinks and snacks that come out throughout the year – matcha-flavored Kit Kats, purple sweet potato milkshakes, and sakura flavored hamburgers to name but a few.

Soda is no exception in the world of weird flavors, what with shiso and salted watermelon flavors having graced store shelves in the past. But here’s an even crazier one for all of you adventurous eaters out there: grilled eel flavor soda.

Yes, you read that right: eel.

Kimura Inryou, a drink manufacturer in Japan’s Shizuoka Prefecture – which is famous for unagi – plans to start sales of this oddly flavored fizzy beverage on the 21 of July.

The drink will be available to buy at highway rest areas and gift shops throughout the prefecture, as well as through their online store for 200 yen (about US$2) a bottle. Cases of 20 240-milliliter bottles will also be available for 4,000 yen.

▼A platter of kabayaki

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The soda is flavored with eel extract, which is said to give it an after-taste of kabayaki, which is grilled eel that has been marinated in a soy sauce base. How will that hold up as a soda? I guess we’ll have to find out later this month!

Source: Asahi Shimbun
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