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Special Shikuwasa flavor now on sale to meet summer snacking needs.

If you’ve never tasted shikuwasa, you’re missing out on one of the most refreshing flavors in Japanese cuisine. The citrus fruit (the scientific name for which is citrus depressa) is primarily cultivated in Okinawa, and is used as a seasoning, juice base, and cocktail mixer, providing a tart accent to food and beverages.

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In the indigenous Okinawan language, shikuwasa literally means “eat the sourness,” but now, you can eat shikuwasa sourness in Kit Kat form. In its latest combination of the chocolate wafer candy and regional Japanese influences, Nestle Japan has unveiled the Special Shikuwasa Kit Kat.

▼ “Shekwasha” is an alternate Romanization for the fruit’s local name

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While shikuwasa is undeniably sour, it isn’t so acidic as to be harsh or biting, and actually has an element of sweetness as well. As such, the Special Shikuwasa Kit Kats, made with Okinawan shikuwasa extract, should be an attractive blend of sour, sweet, and bitter chocolate flavors, making them an excellent snack choice during their limited-time summer availability.

The Special Shikuwasa Kit Kats are priced at 432 yen (US$3.90) for a pack of four, and are available at Kit Kat Chocolatory specialty stores or here through the Chocolatory Online Shop.

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