New limited-edition range is a surprise feast for the eyes and the taste buds.

In December last year, Japanese fast food chain Mos Burger released a special amazake (sweet, non-alcoholic sake) milkshake in collaboration with the esteemed Yamaguchi-based sake Dassai.

Now, with sake exports growing year upon year, even during the pandemic, Mos Burger has been busy creating even more menu items featuring Dassai’s amazake, and this time the new items will be appearing at overseas branches in Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong, where demand for sake is particularly strong.

There are four different rice burgers and one drink in the new lineup, but you won’t be able to get them everywhere, as three burgers will be available in Taiwan, one burger in Singapore and Hong Kong, and the drink will be on the menu in Hong Kong and Taiwan only.

Let’s take a closer look at the new Dassai x Mos Burger menu items below!

Shirayaki Unagi Rice Burger (Plain-grilled Eel Rice Burger)

“Shirayaki” is the term used when seafood is grilled plain, without any sauce or seasoning. This style of cooking gives the burger a fresh, high-class feel that matches the luxury image of the Dassai brand, and the addition of amazake in the soy-based kabayaki sauce is said to enhance the aroma and flavour of the eel. Sales of the burger are limited to 180 out of 293 stores in Taiwan for a limited time from 13 September.

Beef Steak Rice Burger

This burger features a rich miso sauce made with three types of miso, and a flavourful pear yakiniku sauce, both of which have been blended with Dassai amazake. According to Mos Burger, the release of this menu item coincides with the time of year when it’s customary for people in Taiwan to eat barbecued steak, and it will be available at all 293 stores across the country from 1 October.

Sakura Mochi Fuu Rice Burger (Sakura Mochi Style Rice Burger)

This gorgeous-looking dessert burger is said to be inspired by sakura mochi, a traditional Japanese sweet. Sticky rice is used for the rice ‘buns’, while the filling contains taro, adzuki red beans, and a condensed milk sauce that contains…you guessed it — Dassai amazake. This sweet treat will be available at all 293 Mos Burger locations around Taiwan from 13 September.

Kaisen Kakiage Rice Burger (Fried Seafood Tempura Rice Burger)

“Kakiage” is the name for a tempura fritter containing small chunks of mixed vegetables and seafood, often including “sakura ebi”, tiny prawns that get their name from their pinkish hue. The small prawns make their appearance here in the rice buns, while the kakiage sits on a sheet of seaweed in the middle, topped with a seafood ankake sauce (a soy-based starch-thickened sauce) that’s been blended with Dassai amazake.

A single asparagus spear completes the dish, creating a burger that’s dramatic in both taste and appearance. This one will be available at all 52 stores in Singapore from September to October, before it moves over to all 36 stores in Hong Kong from November to December.

Konjac Drink Grapefruit Flavour

The final item in the lineup is a konjac drink, which has been sold in Taiwan for many years, but this one is a new variety that contains grapefruit and a Dassai amazake sauce. The drink will only be available at locations around Taiwan and Hong Kong, with the sales period varying by country and region.

The new range of menu items aims to combine the Japanese flavour of amazake with popular local dishes to help introduce more customers to sake at a time when it’s currently booming in Asia. At a Hong Kong Sotheby’s auction in November last year, a bottle of Dassai Beyond the Beyond, made with specially selected Yamada Nishiki rice, sold for 843,750 yen (US$7,704.74).

With Mos Burger’s products priced considerably lower than that, this is a good chance for customers outside of Japan to get a taste of Dassai sake without breaking the bank. Now we can only hope the fast food chain will give its Japanese customers another Dassai collaboration, after their Focaccia Sandwich with Glamping Sauce makes its exit from the menu.

Source, images: PR Times
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