This ranking of some of the most popular gifts in Japan might have something your father would like!

Father’s Day is just around the corner! What are you doing for the fatherly figures in your life? If you haven’t gotten a gift yet, don’t worry. While there’s always the option of building him a tower of beer,, which specializes in information and media about Father’s Day in Japan, has collected a list of the top 10 gifts that will make it on time for Father’s Day this weekend for last-minute shoppers in Japan. Based on the page views these products received on between June 1 and 12, these are some great gifts that are sure to make Dad happy.

10. Three-pack Craft Coffee Tasting Set (3,980 yen [US$29.50])

Perfect for the coffee lover in your life, this gift set from Nara-based home roaster Rokumei Coffee comes with three flavors of luxury, additive-free iced coffee: mild, fruity, and bitter.

9. The King’s Foot Pillow (2,860 yen)

This pillow is fit for a king, which means it’s just good enough for Dad. This product has reached number one on Rakuten charts multiple times because the tiny microbeads stuffed inside gently pillow your feet like the softest of clouds. It also comes in four colors.

8. Karuizawa Beer Eight-pack Tasting Set (3,565 yen)

The craft beer in this set is made from the pure, cool waters of the springs of Mt. Asama, near the city of Karuizawa, which is known for its year-long cool climate and beautiful forested mountains. With eight very diverse options of delicious locally brewed beer, it’s sure to please Dad. You can find it on Rakuten for 3,565 yen. Order by 8 p.m. on Friday for it to arrive on time.

7. Tokyo Spice Nana Curry (Chicken Curry flavor) (2,980 yen)

This is a gluten-free, additive-free curry from one of Tokyo’s most popular healthy curry shops, Tokyo Spice Nana Curry Aoyama. But don’t let the word “healthy” turn you off; this curry is so good it’s beloved by healthy eaters and gourmets alike. With five packs of ready-made curry in one set, Dad’s sure to love having the option of an easy, healthy, and delicious meal, especially if he’s a curry fan.

6. Sampler of Nine Luxury Drinking Snacks (3,380 yen)

If Dad’s a fan of sake and likes to have a little snack to go along with it, he might like this set from a 120-year-old shop. It contains nine kinds of dried seafood, including squid, grilled shrimp, and shredded eel, which pair perfectly with a nice cup of sake. With so much variety, Dad can enjoy a different flavor every day.

5. Gourmet Seafood Set Emi (5,546 yen)

Brought to us by a purveyor of Hokkaido delicacies, Shima no Hito, this is a luxury set that’s being sold specially for Father’s Day. It’s stuffed with delicious edible treasures from the northern seas, like ikura (salmon roe), scallops, and hokke, a type of mackeral. If your dad is a foodie but isn’t able to travel much, he’ll really appreciate this fresh box of ocean delicacies from a region in Japan that boasts some of the best.

4. Six-pack Luxury Ochazuke Set (4,980 yen)

Ochazuke is a type of Japanese cuisine in which a green tea broth is poured over rice that’s often topped with seafood and seasoning. In this set, you’ll get six different varieties that include whole, high-quality seafood toppings such as splendid alfonsino, tuna, and eel. The broth, which contains no additives, can be used to make ochazuke or to cook the rice directly, perfect for a chef dad or a foodie dad.

3. Broiled Toyohashi Eel Kohaku Set (6,262 yen)

Eel is considered a luxury delicacy in Japan and makes a great gift for food-lovers. This particular set is one of the most popular items from Natsume Shoten, an unagi (eel) shop that’s been in business for 66 years. Since they have a hand in every aspect of their product, from production to sales, you know their products are high quality. This “Kohaku”, or “Red and White”, set comes with two kinds of broiled eel: one basted in soy sauce (red), and one unseasoned (white), allowing Dad to enjoy the mild texture and umami of the eel with or without the rich, classic soy sauce baste.

2. Father’s Day Limited-edition Five-flavor Craft Beer Tasting Gift (3,685 yen)

This is a case of beer from one of Japan’s best-selling craft beer brands, Yo-ho Brewing. Though it boasts five flavors, the pack comes with ten cans of beer. Their popular Yona Yona Ale, Karuizawa Kogen, Indo no Aooni, Suiyobi no Neko, and Tokyo Black are the flavors included. The set also comes with an explanation booklet about all of them, which beer lovers will appreciate.

1. Unagi-ya Kawasui Three-variety Eel Set (6,380 yen)

At the top of the ranking is another one for foodies: a set of three soy sauce-broiled eels from famous eel shop Unagi-ya Kawasui. It comes with one extra-large whole eel, one eel precut for unagi-don (eel over rice), and a package of chopped eel, but all are ready to eat in whichever way you like, making this the perfect gift for fans of eel.

If you’re looking to have these items delivered by Father’s Day in Japan, the order cutoff dates/times are listed below, and all can be ordered via the Chichinohi website here.
● June 16 (7:30 a.m,): Gourmet Seafood Set Emi
● June 17 (8 p.m.): Karuizawa Beer Eight-pack Tasting Set,
● June 18 (noon): Three-pack Craft Coffee Tasting Set, King’s Foot Pillow, Tokyo Spice Nana Curry, Sampler of Nine Luxury Drinking Snacks, Father’s Day Limited-Edition Five-flavor Craft Beer Tasting Gift, Unagi-ya Kawasui Three-variety Eel Set
● June 18 (1 p.m.): Broiled Toyohashi Eel Kohaku Set
● June 18 (2 p.m.): Six-pack Luxury Ochazuke Set

Essentially, this is a list for people whose dads are foodies and gourmets, but there’s enough variety that you’ll probably find something for the father figure in your life. Plus, the fact that almost everything on this list can be ordered until just the day before is fantastic, so even if you’re running late, you still have time to think about it first. Don’t be one of the people who don’t show their appreciation for their dads…he deserves gifts, too!

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