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If you like watermelon, you’ll definitely want to sink your teeth into these unique treats…and you won’t even have to worry about getting your fingers wet with juice!  

That’s right, Salt Watermelon Chocolate Chip Cookies are now available from Japanese snack manufacturer Ito Biscuits. Japanese has a special fondness for the fruit, as we’ve seen  a whole range of watermelon flavored products over the years from bagels to elaborate cakes to Pepsi sodas (heck, we’ve even seen a portable refrigerator designed specifically for watermelons).

And now that we have watermelon flavored chocolate chip cookies, we have to say, they look truly fascinating.


The cookies are made from dough containing actual watermelon fruit, giving them an authentic watermelon flavor and a pretty pinkish red color. They’ve even added small chocolate chip pieces onto the cookies, which not only provide a delightful bit of sweetness but also look like watermelon seeds. Plus, the cookies also contain a subtle amount of salt that is meant to enhance the taste of watermelon and the sweetness of the chocolate.

According to Ito Biscuit’s press release, the unexpected presentation of watermelon as a cookie has already attracted considerable attention from Japanese consumers, and the treats promise to be a delightful surprise when tasted.

The cookies are available in boxes of 15 for 220 yen (US$2) at stores and supermarkets across Japan. If you’re in the country and come across them, don’t miss your chance to find out how well cookie dough, chocolate, salt, and watermelon combine!

Source: Ito Biscuits press release via Japaaan
Images: Ito Biscuits press release (edited by RocketNews24)