The brand-new Death Note TV drama just made its debut, and it left us feeling a little lukewarm, what with its rushed pacing and less-than-compelling changes from the manga and anime source material. Still, we probably shouldn’t be too harsh in our criticisms. After all, at just one episode in, there’s still plenty of time for the newest live-action adaptation to turn it around and deliver a portion of the thrills the original Death Note did.

Plus, we’d like to stay on the good side of the series’ death gods, since this creepy photo has us worried that maybe they can manifest in real life, and might even be watching us right now.

Death Note is one of those special hits that has transcended the worlds of anime and manga fandom and become a mainstream pop cultural force in Japan. Among the many people who sat down to watch the drama’s premiere was Twitter user Kenshin Ogawa.

We’re not sure if Ogawa enjoyed the episode any more than we did, but we do know that his eyes weren’t glued to the screen for its entire runtime. At some point, he turned to look out the window, and even if he’d been bored up to that point, we’re sure his heart was suddenly pounding a mile a minute as he saw this.

Staring right back at him was shinigami/death god Ryuk, the mischievous supernatural entity who supplies protagonist Light with the means to end the life of those he judges as deserving death.

Now before you make a mad dash to the grocery store to stock up on apples with which to appease Ryuk, you should know that Ogawa himself offered the level-headed explanation that the glass of his home’s sliding door is just reflecting the image from his TV. But while that means creative otaku could also engineer a visit from anime’s many charming and attractive characters, we’re still a little freaked out by the snapshot, so you’ll have to excuse us if we decide to keep our Death Note curtains tightly shut during all subsequent episodes of the drama.

Source: Twitter/@kenshin_ogawa