Grab an apple and get set to spend some quality time with Ryuk again.

With people spending far more time at home over the past year, odds are anime and manga fans have whittled down a lot of their backlogs, and maybe even taken to revisiting series they’d already finished. But if you’re a Death Note fan craving content, you’ll be thrilled to know that there’s a new volume of the supernatural thriller on the way.

Titled Death Note Short Stories, it’ll be the first new (i.e. non-reprint) volume of the manga to go on sale in more than 14 years. The main draw here is the inclusion of Death Note a Kira Chapter, which ran in the March 2020 edition of manga anthology Jump Square, and hasn’t been made available for purchase in any collected Death Note volume until now. The one-shot story stars Minoru Tanaka, a genius junior high school student who becomes the latest human to use the power of Shinigami Ryuk to try to shape the world into the way he thinks it should be.

Also included in in the 226-page Death Note Short Stories are other one-shot chapters created between 2003 and 2020 and yon-koma (“four-panel”) manga strips. Artist Takeshi Obata has penned a new illustration to serve as the book’s cover, showing Minoru, Ryuk, and, of course, an apple.

Death Note Short Stories goes on sale February 4, priced at 540 yen (US$5.20), and can be pre-ordered through Amazon Japan here.

Source: PR Times via Livedoor News/Oricon News via Otakomu
Images: PR Times
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