The popular characters from the iconic TV series dress up in leopard print and sing in Engrish for Japan’s younger generation.

By now, Kosaka Daimaou’s stage character Piko Taro barely needs an introduction, given he’s racked up over 87 million views on YouTube, had a Tokyo cafe open up in his honour, and received a Guinness World Record for his “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” hit, which became the shortest song ever to appear on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts. Just when we think we’ve heard the last of him, Piko Taro keeps popping up with all sorts of surprises, and this latest one might just be the very best of all, with the leopard-print-loving star recently paying a visit to Sesame Street in Japan for a quick dance with some of the show’s stars.

Elmo and Cookie Monster were the lucky characters to join Piko Taro on screen in this clip, and while their human visitor prefers to sing about fruit and stationery, these two have only one thing on their minds: cookies! And what goes with cookies? Take a look at the hilarious video below to find out!

The leopard-print-wearing trio singlehandedly delivers an unforgettable dose of Engrish to the next generation! With lyrics like “I have a choco!” and “I have a butter!”, “Cookie-Butter-Choco-Cookie” looks set to be the next anthem swimming around in the heads of toddlers and adults alike for days at a time.


While the video is still waiting to be translated into English at the time of writing, Piko Taro’s mini dance lesson here is easy to understand. First, he explains the importance of really pushing that wrist out in the air while doing the “open-close-open-close” arm movements.


Then he reminds them that their right hand needs to be shaped smaller than their left when holding the butter, seeing as they’re going to be jamming that butter right into the cookie.


Then, when Piko Taro asks Cookie Monster what type of chocolate it is that they’re using, the blue monster replies, “Nama Choco”, which makes the star laugh. Nama choco is a “fresh” ganache chocolate, which has a soft, melt-in-the-mouth quality. Because of this, Piko Taro suggests holding it out in your right hand and smothering it all over the cookie.


After the brief tutorial from the PPAP professional, the three then give it their all in a spectacular performance of “CBCC” that will live in our memories forever. After the music stops, Piko Taro looks at his watch and realises he has to run off to his “baito” part-time job, where he makes sneakers, and for some bizarre reason, only the ones for the “right (foot) side”. Despite Elmo’s pleas for him to stay, Piko Taro says he has no time, nor money, so he has to go to work. With one final wave and a flash of that killer grin, he’s off, leaving the two monsters to continue their dance to CBCC on their own.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are left with a newer, and maybe even slightly weirder version of PPAP than we knew before. If that wasn’t crazy enough for you though, you might want to check out the release starring Ryuk the Shinagami Death Spirit from the Death Note movie series. Whether you’re a human, a puppet or a computer generated character, no one can escape the PPAP phenomenon!

Source, images: YouTube/Sesame Street Japan