After Sailor Neptune touched their hearts, these anime fans pooled their powers to give a touching present to the voice of the iconic character.

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that Mina Ogawa loves Sailor Moon. A fan of the iconic magical girl anime/manga franchise, she’s amassed what’s by some estimates the largest collection of Sailor Moon merchandise in Japan, spending over 30 million yen (US$265,000) along the way.

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Luckily, Ogawa has her earnings from her work as a former child actress to help finance her otaku passion. But while her show business background has helped her acquire an enviable amount of cool Sailor Moon stuff, she recently helped create some too, before giving it away to the person most deserving of it.

As you might have guessed from the print on her shirt in the above Instagram photo, Ogawa’s favorite member of the Sailor Moon cast is Outer Senshi (and lingerie muse) Sailor Neptune. So, of course, Ogawa has October 15 marked on her calendar, since it’s the birthday of Sailor Neptune’s voice actress, Masako Katsuki.

This year, Ogawa wanted to give Katsuki a birthday card, but not just from herself. Instead, she made it an artistic collaboration between herself and other Sailor Moon fans she’s connected with through her blog and social media.

Some of the contributors are personal acquaintances of Ogawa’s, while others are people she’d never met in person before starting the project. There were also fans who wanted to wish the voice of Sailor Neptune a happy birthday but lived too far away from Ogawa or were otherwise unable to meet with her face-to-face. Ogawa still wanted them to be able to be part of the team, though, and had them submit their birthday wishes digitally, and then resized and printed them out for inclusion.

In all, 140 people wrote messages and/or drew fan art, which Ogawa compiled into a single collected tome before presenting to Katsuki.

While it’s too late to get in on this year’s fan-sourced birthday card, Ogawa, a Tokyo resident, says in Instagram greeting, in English, “I want to get acquainted with people around the world,” so she’s definitely open to making connections with English-speaking Sailor Moon fans as well, so maybe next year she’ll be able to give Katsuki a card not just from her Japanese fanbase, but her global one.

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