We’re not even halfway through summer here in Japan yet, and already we’ve seen a number of strange collaboration combinations, including barley and eel soda and soft-serve sushi.

This time we’d like to introduce another curious combination, in the form of a new Mercedes-Benz x Ice Monster shop that recently popped up in Roppongi, Tokyo. But what do luxury car makers know about making the perfect frozen ice treat? Our ever-popular reporter Mr. Sato heads out to investigate.

For those who have been looking to try some Taiwanese shaved ice from the new ICE MONSTER JAPAN shop that opened up in Harajuku, but were put off by the long lines, we have good news. Sponsored by Mercedes-Benz, a new branch of the shop offering two of the Harajuku menu favorites, Mango Sensation and Coffee Sensation, has opened up for a limited time at the Mercedes-Benz Connection gallery near Metro Chiyoda Line Nogizaka Station in Roppongi.


Our man Mr. Sato decided to check it out and see if the shaved ice served at the gallery restaurant was as good as the original. Despite going on opening day, unlike the Harajuku shop, there were no crowds and he was able to walk on in and be immediately seated.

Because he had already tried the Mango Sensation at the original location, this time he went for the Coffee Sensation instead.


ICE MONSTER’s claim to fame comes from their extra-large, delicious shaved ice treats that are made from giant blocks of ice carved super-thin by machine. When the shaved ice comes out, a variety of delectable toppings are added to create a truly one-of-a-kind dessert.


Toppings for Coffee Sensation include two shots of Kahlua and Bailey’s, ice cream, panna cotta, and a white chocolate Mercedes-Benz logo with a side of coffee jelly. Since the shots of syrup contain alcohol, this may not be one for the kids, but the light, fluffy, coffee-flavored shaved ice paired with the sweet and smooth taste of Kahlua and Bailey’s is sure to please any adult. The toppings offer so much variety your taste buds won’t know what hit them!


Whether this or not this is just a marketing ploy by Mercedes-Benz in order to lure us into taking a test drive of one of their luxury vehicles with the promise of sweet, icy-cold goodness, we can’t help but admit with something to offer both guys and gals, it might be the perfect date spot to cool off this summer.

Mercedes Benz Connection Upstairs
Address: 東京都港区六本木7-3-10 2F (Google Maps)
Hours: Restaurant 11:00 to 16:00, 6:00 to 23:00 and Bar 11:00 to 24:00 (Everyday)
Website: Mercedes-Benz Connection Tokyo

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