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Japanese pork cutlet chain unveils its latest fusion food: cornflake chicken katsu bowls!

Katsuya has a crunchy cereal chicken coating for when breadcrumbs just won’t cut it.

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Detective Conan collaborative cafés to open across Japan, will serve drug that turned Conan tiny

Get ready to settle the Case of Your Grumbling Stomach with a spread of character-themed dishes and drinks!

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Pokémon Cafe releases limited-time Pokémon Starter menu ahead of Sword and Shield release

Which Starter will you have for your starter?

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Domino’s Pizza Japan creates abomination out of 2.2 pounds of cheese, we order one immediately

We all dream we could eat a dictionary’s weight in cheese in one serving, but what’s it like in practice? Worry not – we’re here to find out.
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Abandoned subway station in Tokyo open to the public for a limited time!

Whether you like trains or really old buildings, you’ll want to check out this limited-time attraction in Tokyo.

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Sailor Moon and My Melody team up again, this time for a super sweet themed cafe

They’ll be fighting your hunger by moonlight, and winning love all day with these adorable menu items!

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Cardcaptor Sakura special shops to open next year, comes with tons of exclusive goodies for fans

There’s literally so much stuff that they could make an entire museum out of it.

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We visit the limited-time Kapibara-san x Hands Cafe at Omotesando!

We spent an afternoon basking in the understated cuteness of Kapibara-san!

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We check out the limited-time Sangatsu no Lion Cafe, eat stuff the characters ate!

Sangatsu no Lion (March Comes in like a Lion) has a limited-time cafe serving food right out of the manga!

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McDonald’s Japan debuts three new ingredients, limited-time burgers in new “hidden” campaign

Can you guess the three new toppings to be added to menu staples like the Teriyaki McBurger, Chicken Filet, and Double Cheeseburger?

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Japanese department store Isetan brings back its Sailor Moon fashion line, plus a new Diana bag!

If you missed your chance to get your hands on these awesome outfits and accessories last time, it looks like you’re in luck!

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We try McDonald’s Japan’s new “five-star” Clubhouse Burgers【Taste Test】

They’re billed as “five-star” hamburgers, but can these two new offerings help return McDonald’s to its former glory in Japan?

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Godiva chocolate meets Sri Lankan tea in a new frozen drink just in time for summer

White chocolate and Uva milk tea are a sweet match made in heaven.

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Tokyo and Osaka’s Sailor Moon Crystal Cafes to feature new Outer Senshi drinks and desserts!

For a short period starting next month, anime cafe Anion Station will be celebrating the new season of Sailor Moon Crystal with another round of drinks and desserts, this time in honor of Sailor Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto!

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Rilakkuma Cafe opening in Tokyo, with an extra side of cuteness

For a limited time during March and April, the Harajuku’s Rilakkuma Cafe in a Honey Forest Cafe will be serving up adorable Rilakkuma-inspired dishes and desserts.

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World’s first My Little Pony Café opens in…you guessed it, Japan!

Back in the early 80s, a number of toys and TV shows came out that defined a generation. They included hits like Transformers, Rainbow Brite, Ducktales and of course, My Little Pony. Now in the 21st century, the most obvious thing to do is re-hash all the old favorites with various reboots in the form of new animated series and a whole new set of toys to play with.

One of those franchises currently riding the revival train is My Little Pony and Japan is celebrating the continued success of everyone’s favorite colorful ponies with something they know how to pull off: a themed café! The recently opened My Little Pony Café is the first of its kind in the world, featuring bright colors, ponies and specialized menu items for every fan.

If you’re in Tokyo and looking for your fellow Pegasisters/Bronies, you won’t want to miss this!

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Gudetama stops by Hong Kong with a pop-up store and irresistibly cute displays【Photos】

Have you ever felt like you were going to melt into a puddle because of the summer heat? Some months it just feels as if the weather is simply draining every ounce of energy and motivation out of you. And with how hot and humid summers are in Japan, there are days feel like doing nothing but lazing around in a puddle, just like Gudetama.

Everyone has lazy days, so it’s no wonder Gudetama, the laziest egg in Japan, is so popular, even outside of Japan. Though Gudetama rarely displays any intention to get anything done, it has managed to move its lazy bum all the way to Hong Kong to delight overseas fans with a pop-up store. More details after the break!

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Chill out with a tasty shaved ice treat from Mercedes-Benz’s ICE MONSTER tie-in shop

We’re not even halfway through summer here in Japan yet, and already we’ve seen a number of strange collaboration combinations, including barley and eel soda and soft-serve sushi.

This time we’d like to introduce another curious combination, in the form of a new Mercedes-Benz x Ice Monster shop that recently popped up in Roppongi, Tokyo. But what do luxury car makers know about making the perfect frozen ice treat? Our ever-popular reporter Mr. Sato heads out to investigate.

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A One Piece hunt that could take you across the whole of Japan

One Piece might be the most popular thing in Japan right now. Forget Pokémon or Yokai Watch, the characters of One Piece can be seen all over Japan. Literally.

To celebrate over 300 million comics sold in its native land, One Piece has embarked on a campaign called “One Piece Soaring Through Japan!” These crazy pirates have sent a character to each of the 47 prefectures. And if you are prepared to pay, they will all sing for you!

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Kiss me~ Delicious edible lip gloss celebrating Barbie’s 55th birthday

Most girls growing up during the 80s and 90s in the States only wanted two things: the newest Barbie and the shiniest lip gloss. While make-believe scenes of Barbie sneaking out to kiss Ken happened at home, adolescent girls themselves never left the house without their favorite lip gloss. Parents could say no to lipstick and eyeliner, but lip gloss was OK. And what’s not too like about it? It smells so tasty and makes you want to lick your lips…again and again and again. Between Barbie and lip gloss, only one thing could have been better, edible lip gloss.

Lucky for us all, there is a candy store in Japan which specializes in palatable lip wear. And they’re teaming up with Mattel to celebrate Barbie’s 55th birthday with a few new products that combine the allure of Barbie with the fun of edible lip gloss.

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