Okay class, who’s ever tried aburi sushi, or seared sushi before? Sushi prepared in this manner has its own unique savoriness that’s different from that of the raw kind.

Our Japanese reporters recently got it in their heads that they wanted to try preparing some roasted sushi for themselves…and when they do something, they go all out. In other words, forget regular kitchen tools–a flamethrower was obviously called for in this situation! Would they find that bigger flames equal bigger flavor?

For the purposes of this culinary adventure, our reporters went to a home goods center to buy the closest thing they could find to an actual flamethrower–a weed burner. There’s basically no difference though, so for our purposes we’ll just call it a flamethrower. You can bet that this flame is much stronger than the typical flame used for grilling sushi.

▼ Look how happy he is playing with fire! (Seriously kids, don’t try this at home.)


Next, they went to Japanese department and grocery store Ito-Yokado to buy some average supermarket sushi, thinking that the bigger flame would bring out the ultimate flavor in even subpar sushi. Finally, it was time to let the scorching begin.

So how did the roasted sushi taste to our flamethrower-wielding reporter? To quote him directly: “Umaaaaaaai!!! [Delicious!!!]” The flavor was a step up from the usual seared sushi, and because it was roasted all in one go, it still retained its freshness.


We’ve uploaded a video of the actual flame-throwing fun below. Remember that this is NOT how a weed burner is supposed to be used, so DO NOT try this at home!

▼ Incidentally, the video is also a good introduction to just how freakin’ loud Japanese cicadas are in the summer.

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