They say being prepared is half the battle, so it’s always a good idea to keep a first aid kit stocked up with adhesives or carry around a few bandages in your purse (or manbag for our fashionable male readers) in case of unexpected accidents. After all, even though that one lifehack said it was okay to use the inside membrane of a boiled egg when you’re in a pinch, we can’t say the idea is very appealing.

Luckily we’ve found the perfect set of bandages to do the trick, and we’re certain you’ll be stuck on them just as much as we are. With gorgeous images of sushi, ninjas, and other traditional Japanese designs, they’ll turn minor injuries turn into badges of original style.

Nobody likes getting a paper cut or scraping their knee, but who says you can’t try to make the most of an unlucky situation or up your Japanese street fashion cred with a cute bandage?

▼ Decora street fashion


The Nigiwai-Showten store on Japanese online marketplace Rakuten carries bizarre accessories, toys, and character-inspired merchandise. Among its large selection of items that are sure to bring you a smile, the store has a bandage set that we have to admit is pretty darn cool.


Their Traditional Japanese Design bandages come in four different series of traditional Japanese artwork, including tattoos, sushi, illustrations, and kimono patterns.


Each series contains two sheets of five different designs, for a total of 40 bandages per set. All sets even come with their own high-quality paper case for when you’re on the go.


So don’t let your ouch turn you into a grouch! Priced at 954 yen (US$7.60) per set (before tax and shipping), we think it’s a reasonable splurge and would make a great souvenir to bring back for friends and family.

Source: Rakuten/Nigiwai-Showten
Top image: Nigiwai-Showten (edited by RocketNews24)
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