Japan is a land with many strange and oddly-shaped everyday items that can be a little hard to identify for Western visitors. But what happens when a travelling Japanese tourist takes along one of these curiosities in their luggage when they embark upon a little trip to Canada?

Well, according to one Twitter user’s ordeal, they might end up getting hauled out of the line at airport security into a side room to “explain” the nature of what Canadian officials took to be… a martial arts weapon?

The object in question, according to Twitter user @MizU_38 was identified as a suspicious item during a routine baggage check, which led to a certain amount of embarrassment as they no doubt had to convince officials that, far from being anything dangerous, the item was merely an innocuous beauty aid popular all over Japan.

▲ “I wanted to inform you all that I was stopped at the airport in Canada and taken into a side room over a face roller like this one, because they thought it was a martial arts weapon!”

Face rollers are hugely popular in Japan and can be found at any 100 yen store, as well as many health and beauty supply shops. They’re supposed to help firm up the skin, since the friction of the roller (you’re supposed to draw it upwards across your skin) helps fight the ravages of gravity. Many higher-ends rollers are made of germanium which many believe can reduce the signs of ageing by emitting negative electrons. Even some older people who aren’t too bothered about slightly sagging cheeks still enjoy the feeling of massaging their faces with rollers like these. It’s the perfect mindless activity to do while you watch TV and relax.

Still, many Japanese commenters sided with the Canadian security, who were only doing their jobs, with many pointing out that the rollers aren’t seen very often in western countries and that the security team couldn’t have been expected to know what it was.

Luckily, @MizU_38 managed to see the funny side later, and was even allowed to keep his roller, so he decided to take a selfie with it to commemorate the experience!

What do you think, does he look dangerous to you?

Source: Jin115
Images: Twitter/ @MizU_38