A short time ago, in a country far, far away, a group of creatives at legendary toy-making company Bandai decided to fill a void in the figurine universe with a fearsome new character: Samurai Darth Vader.

The new model on the market is set to feature some awesome details, including a Death Star warrior helmet, a lightsaber blade and a pose-able hand for playing out those extreme death-grip scenarios.

Available at the end of December, this new incarnation of the Dark Lord is the latest in a lineup that also includes Samurai Storm Troopers and Samurai Boba Fett.

The “Movie Realisation Series”, a tie-up between Bandai and Tamashii Nations, revealed their first Darth Vader figure late last year. While the first release was impressive, Samurai buffs will know that legendary warrior-generals are usually seen with much more grandiose helmet crests to impose their authority on warring forces.


The new crest is a huge improvement. While it looks traditionally Japanese, it’s actually a clever interpretation of the Death Star.


The chest plate is also markedly different. What might look like a buck-toothed clown covering the stomach region is actually a faithful rendering of the unit that regulated Darth Vader’s life-support functions on his original suit.


The Death Star motif extends to the knee plates, and the gold accents continue on the gauntlet and fingers.


As one might expect, Samurai Darth Vader carries a sword and a saber. With a lightsaber shaped like a katana sword, this is one villain who’ll be tough to beat!



Standing at 18 centimetres (7 inches) tall, the Death Star Samurai Darth Vader will be released on 31 December for 9,504 yen (US$79.63).



Other figures in the highly collectible series include a handsome Storm Trooper and a colourful Boba Fett.



There’s also promise of a new figure on the horizon: a red-suited Imperial Royal Guard, to be released in April 2016.

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Source: Culture LAB
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