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We recently reported on the exciting Star Wars Visions exhibit currently being held at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo and showed you some charming exclusive Star Wars themed goods available there. Today, we thought we’d follow through with an article featuring a plush and comfortable Star Wars fashion item that you may be able to purchase even if you’re not anywhere near Roppongi.

Say hello to the Star Wars Special Edition Collection of shoes from international fashion brand UGG, and they’re inspired by one of our favorite villains of all times, Darth Vader! Yes, that certainly caught our attention, because … well, they’re Darth Vader shoes — how could they not be cool, right?

The UGG brand is known particularly well for their soft and ultra-comfortable sheepskin boots, and for this Star Wars collection, they’ve made three types of men’s and two types of women’s shoes available, as well as two shoes for kids and one for infants (although the kids’ and infants’ shoes don’t seem to be available online in Japan).

In countries where UGG offers online shopping, you can order the Darth Vader boots through your local UGG website, or if you want to see the actual product, you can go to select UGG shops that carry the collection. And in Japan, one of the UGG shops that carry the Star Wars line just happens to be their temporary shop in Roppongi Hills, located right next to the Mori Tower where the Star Wars exhibit is now being held  — talk about temptation after you’ve just seen all that art and merchandise!

▼ The temporary UGG shop at Roppong Hills is scheduled to be open until June 14.

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▼ The Star Wars collection was displayed prominently at the store front.

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Okay, we tried the Darth Vader boots on, and we admit, they were too comfy and cool to resist. Sure, the boots set us back roughly 30,000 yen (or US$225 if you’re buying them in the U.S.), but we need to get prepared early for winter, right? (Or at least, that’s what this writer told herself.) Plus, these were Darth Vader UGG boots — how could you argue with that?

▼ We brought home our prized possession.

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▼ The boots came in a special box with a lovely Star Wars design!

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▼ Time to open the package!

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▼ Yay! Our Darth Vader boots!

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▼ Here are the boots seen from different angles.

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▼ Check out the soles infused with glitter that shine like stars!

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▼ Each pair of shoes comes with a Star Wars and UGG seal

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▼ And they each also come with a tag inside with a memorable line from Star Wars inscribed.

13 P1150913

▼ Ours reads: “If you only knew the power of the darkside.”

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Being UGGs, of course, the boots felt soft and just heavenly to wear — as comfortably tempting as the darkside, no doubt. And black boots are easy to match with different styles of clothes, right?

▼ We thought they go well with either pants ….

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▼ … or skirts.

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Yes, the Star Wars collection shoes don’t come cheap, but for the delightful comfort and warmth they provide, we have to say we’re quite happy with our purchase. Plus, they’re DARTH VADER BOOTS!! (Oh, wait. We’ve said that already, haven’t we? Sorry about that.)

If you’re a Star Wars fan, we think the collection could certainly be worth checking out, especially since it’s not always easy to make your favorite movie a part of your wardrobe.

Well, we definitely know what shoes we’ll be wearing when we go see Star Wars: Episode VII in December, and come winter, it’s nice to know that our feet will be warm and comfy!

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