You may think you’ve heard and seen it all when it comes to Japan’s vending machines. They dispense panties and hot food, and sometimes they’ll give you a little freebie. But what you still might not know is that these handy beverage-dispensing boxes have been getting quite chatty recently. It’s not uncommon now for your vending machine to attempt to engage you in some chit-chat as you purchase your wares. The one outside my apartment, for example, chats to me each morning about the weather, sometimes in the Kansai dialect, and sometimes even in English. “Vendy” also likes to dispense encouraging soundbites, such as “Do your best again today!” In fact, we’ve become pretty pally.

The talking vending machine technology is apparently customisable, and recent reports have been circulating of a company president who has installed several machines for his coworkers’ use which feature his smiling mugshot and a variety of encouraging dialogue he’s recorded to keep up employee morale!

DyDo, the company which produces the talking vending machines, has recently sold several units to President Aoki of the MK Taxi company for customisation. Utilising the “oshaberi” (talking) technology, President Aoki has purchased six units for installation on the company premises for the use of staff.

The machines are all equipped with a banner featuring a lovely snapshot of the Prez asking, “Are you fully hydrated?”. Upon pushing the button to order a drink, President Aoki’s voice will float from the machine, thanking employees for their hard work. His other soundbites include:

“Good job!”

“Be sure to drive carefully to prevent accidents.”

“Thanks for working hard again today!”

“Don’t forget to smile!”

What’s more, each machine is equipped with a mirror for drivers to check their appearance (taxi drivers in Japan have to look smart!).

The concept behind the Aoki machines seems to be “boosting employee morale”, but we wonder if Aoki’s chatter wouldn’t get irritating after a while. I know I said earlier that Vendy and I are friends, but sometimes when it’s early and I haven’t had coffee yet I kind of want to punch him in his smug coin slot.

▼ Just give me the coffee and shut up, Vendy!!!


Let’s hope MK Taxi’s employees find their president’s chatter charming rather than road-rage inducing!

Source: NariNari
Feature Image: NariNari (edited by RocketNews24)