It wasn’t just gross and scary games on show at Tokyo Game Show this year; there were also some really adorable games to try out, too. When we saw this booth with its sweet, fluffy alpacas we made a beeline for the cuteness. We got to chat with the dev and try out their two alpaca-themed mobile games, taking some snaps of the alpaca-ified booth and merch as we did for you at home.

Hong Kong-based Nowis Technology are the creators of the totally adorable mascot Fuwapaca, a cute little alpaca with the equally kawaii name that’s a portmanteau of fuwafuwa, the Japanese word for fluffy, and alpaca. He’s already got plushies and other merch for sale in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and now he’s going global with virtual items and apps. Nowis Tech had a booth set up in the indie section at this year’s Tokyo Game Show to show off Fuwapaca in his very own mobile games!


Fuwapaca Spa is a collecting game based around the concept of charging your phone. When you plug your phone in to charge you can plop your alpaca into a hot bath. Then, when your phone’s battery is filled right up, the alpaca will come out of the bath fully refreshed and you’ll gain a collectible alpaca to add to your collection. There are also a few little mini games to unlock and play for more points. While I’d be more inclined to call this a just an “app” rather than a “game”, it’s a cute way to make charging your phone feel fun and rewarding. If you’re going to be doing it anyway, why not collect some cute alpaca friends while you’re at it?

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 16.36.32

Fuwapaca in Wonderland, meanwhile, is a clicker game where you feed candy to the hungry alpaca to gain points. As you level up you can unlock alpaca friends who are based on Alice in Wonderland characters such as the white rabbit, march hare, and caterpillar. While it has really sweet graphics, it’s basically a standard clicker game, so whether or not you enjoy it will be dependent on how you feel about clicker games to start with.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 16.37.59

Do be careful if you download these since, with both games based around collectibles, microtransactions are a big part of them and it can be easy to get carried away in the desire to get a complete collection of each alpaca series. Fuwapaca also has a LINE stickers collection, and lots of fluffy and adorable merchandise so you can spend your money on real life goods as well as virtual.

▼ Squishy alpaca plushies!


▼ The LINE sticker collection.


The TGS booth was really nicely done, and the dev was so enthusiastic about his little alpaca mascot that it was hard not to fall in love with Fuwapaca. While I can’t recommend the apps to people looking for innovative gameplay, I can definitely recommend them to anyone who loves to collect cute virtual pets.


▼ Fuwafuwafuwa~


Have you played either of the Fuwapaca games? If so, let us know your impressions in the comments section below!

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