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Just because you’re an alpaca, doesn’t mean you can’t have the hair and the attitude of a Shibuya bad-boy. Meet Nagasaki’s “Yankee Alpaca.”

Nagasaki Biopark has received a lot of attention over the past few years thanks to their Twitter and Vine accounts that share adorable and amusing videos of Japan’s favorite animals, like their mesmerizingly cute capybara.

But now there’s a new animal in the limelight: the alpaca.

Either a group of yankee, a.k.a “bad boy”, teenagers spent enough time around the alpaca area for this animal to be able to mimic their cover-one-eye, ultra-cool hair style, or there was some strong wind in Nagasaki that messed up this dude’s do; either way that alpaca’s bangs are hip.

Then there’s the goofy chewing. Aside from being hilarious, it adds to that bad-boy image of his, like he just don’t give a …[insert alpaca noise]

While alpacas are cute to begin with, add the hair and the cud chewing and you’ve got the recipe for a hit video. Japanese users expressed their glee and amusement with the camelid:

“And then, he waits out his probation.”

“I could watch this all day!”

“What a handsome/cool guy!”


“This made me laugh out loud!”

Only the future will tell if this anarchistic alpaca can surpass the celebrated capybara in fame and popularity. Stay tuned for more!

Sources/Images: Twitter/@ngsbiopark  and Vine/Nagasaki_BIOPARK via AOL Japan